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Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.


Someone wrote that austin is "they most accepting..." however austin is highly DIVIDED. Blacks on the east side and whites on the west, and hispanics? This came about during the "separate but equal" time and still exists today. When you accept, you eventually integrate. You will know this has happened when your city starts to look like the citizens in say, san francisco (i.E., blending of ethnicities). People marrying (or not) and choosing to have children with people from other races-- generally attracting others for who they are, not just what they look like. When the white darkens and the dark lightens, it's a sign of blending and tolerance. The times I've been in the south, including Texas, I see "white", "black," "hispanic/latin" and not a lot in between. Just an observation.

One of the most conservative and at times racist States I have ever lived in. As a child in Killeen I was called many names including charcoal and burnt. As a teen when I started dating I was constantly getting harassed for dating outside of my race and as a bisexual I was made to feel uncomfortable when my partner was a female. I once had a store owner ask me and my girlfriend at the time to leave because we made her customers feel uncomfortable. San Antonio is also pretty conservative and I had received negative comments from people. Austin is one of the better part of Texas, I haven't encountered any crazy judgmental racist or overly conservative individuals there.

I now live in San Antonio. Af Am female. The feeling of being unwelcome is always present. The house where I grew up was always egged, and someone shot our dog. This was a middle-class neighborhood. I left San Antonio at 18 for undergrad. Returned many years later for a graduate program. I remembered hate from Anglo Am being common before I left, but when I returned I was astounded by the level of hate coming from Hispanics. I have aging family members here that I don't want to leave, but I truly hate this city and want to go now that I've graduated. Texas' presence on this list makes me seriously question the validity of this list altogether.

I'm pretty sure Utah is substantially less racist than Texas and South Carolina. I don't think that any southern state can be on this list. The most racist people I have ever met have all come from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and so on.

Are you kidding me? Texas is one of the most RACIST states in the country! When I lived there (Spring), two young black girls had been abducted, killed, hung naked from poles and set on fire. Never again. I left Texas that week and never went back. That place is Hell on Earth.

Not being funny, I'm british and have never walked on American soil, but from watching American T. V I get the impression that Texas is incredibly racist.

I moved to Austin Lakeway area from very conservative southern California. I'm white. Had friends and neighbors of different races, including black, Asian, Persian there. Not ever an issue. I started dating a black guy here in Texas. Horribly racist here! We get looks and whispers and mean looks when we are in public, out to dinner, etc. I hate it here and wish I had never moved. Texas is ass backwards rednecks and fundamentalist Christians. Judgemental, rude. They love their guns and driving drunk. Hate hate hate it here!

When a major city is divided over a non-discrimination ordinance (and fell for the bathroom fear), it can't be the least racist. Not to mention how many proud racists are in this state. More like a third-world regime

I've lived in Texas for 20 years and have never encountered racism towards myself but my father who is Mexican is very racist towards black people it's so disgusting and embarrassing how shameless he is about it growing up in Houston with many different cultures I mostly see older people being racist; hopefully it dies out with the newer generations.

Born and raised in South Texas. It all depends on where you live. While I am not racist and many of my friends are not, it still doesn't mean we are the majority. Border towns are tolerant unless you are African American. A Hispanic woman is considered "damaged goods" and hard to form romantic relations with a male Hispanic afterwards. If you are with a Caucasian, well then it is the opposite of the spectrum. I have never experienced racism in San Antonio or Austin and both cities are so much fun. People are very nice and friendly. Racism is alive and well in Boerne, TX. I had to work there for a time and it was hell. I think they hate all the change that is currently going on there. The unfavorable south and east side is spilling over into west and north side of San Antonio. Many families are migrating up to Boerne, TX. Regardless of what race you are they HATE you. They don't like outsiders period. It is completely backwards. I had to listen to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song and ...more

Also, I'm Native American and I am neither light skinned or dark skinned and I got racism and hatred from white AND black people. It's a messed up place.

I've heard a lot about people being racist in this state, but I've seen very little discrimination against other races. The closest thing I've seen if my dad's friend's parents not liking my dad because he's Mexican, and a Mexican kid saying he hates black (which I thought was really messed up).

I use to live in this state and they are very racist in Texas!

Are you kidding me? Lived here my whole life. Can't wait to get out! Maybe they don't say it to your face in the streets but, they certainly say it behind closed doors. Don't kid yourselves. Texas is just as ignorant, racists, and fascist as the rest of the south.

Both my parents were from different cities in Texas and both had stories of racism. Although I grew up in Az. Texas was the first place I experienced true hatred and blatant racism. While walking down a quiet dusty street with my cousins..."A truck drove by us, shouted out the "N" word, then threw eggs at us. I was I about 9 or 10, but I remember it was yesterday.

Conservatism does not equal racism and much of the southern racism that was rampant in the early 1960's and before has long been covered up, reconsidered by the people who were racist, and to a large extent simply died off with time. Often we judge by stereotypes and don't look at the true statistics. Open your minds.

I lived in Dallas (Las Colinas) for ten years and I hated it. I lived in Louisiana and Georgia but I have to say I never experienced racism like I did in Dallas. The bible belt... What a joke. Racist whites and Uncle Tom blacks... Smh. They made me hate white people even more. I moved back to GA and it was the best move ever.

Oh no you don't! This better not be higher than California on this list! You should check out the most racist states list instead.

I'm 25 years old and I'm a African American woman. I live south of Houston.
Texas is racist!
It's not totally overbearing, but it's here. It's a lot of mixed raced everywhere you look though, so they may as well get over it!
I love everyone

I have lived in Texas my entire life. You might find a racist here or there but in general everybody is rather colorblind.

If you feel the bigger cities are too fascist, but do want a tiny town, go to Waco, its central, and pretty diverse. Actually, whites get bashed quite often here.

Only austin, the rest is racist twits.

How is this state higher than Hawaii on this list!?

They just want to be their own country

I've lived here my whole life and although we love racist jokes, we all go back and fourth in them and love each other for it. If you are ignoring someone's race, you are trying too hard. We don't do that because we love adressing them instead. Most Texans are not truly racist, just love racist jokes. Ask any black, Mexican, or Asian person in Texas that has lived here all their life.