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Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state named after a president.


Washington is very diverse and a great place to live. I am probably not the greatest source considering I'm white, but more than half of my friends are of different ethnic groups. I took a trip to Louisiana one time, and I could not believe the separation in classes based off race. It was so obvious that it shocked me. In Washington, I have friends who are black, Mexican, Asian, etc, who have the same, if not better, benefits than I do. The amount of different religious and cultural groups are enormous. If you are tired of racism, come over and live in Washington.

I used to live in California, born and raised, but I moved to Washington state. You'll find more racism in California than you ever will in Washington state. People here in Washington are kind and respect everyone, they actually love diversity and are tolerant to all different races and cultures. In California, people are more fake about it, they pretend to love diversity. They will smile in your face and talk about how tolerant they are and how different cultures are great, but will do everything to avoid it. I'm so glad I live here.

I live in Tacoma and here the absence of racism is an obvious breath of fresh air. So much so that young minorities find nothing to complain about which invalidates their teenage angst. Most act out occasionally so as long as you avoid malls and do not own a blank fence or wall that we call graffiti bait, you likely won't see public displays of racism.

Seattle Washington is THE best place to raise a family. I was born and raised on the Eastside and have always been respected. I am Filippino American and I love living here. The people are awesome, so much diversity and it's just beautiful. I have three children and one goes to private school, she is well liked considering the school is not ethnically diverse. I have another daughter that goes to public school and she is also well liked and cared for by her teachers. I a have a little son who has made good friends with a neighbor's little son who lives up the street from me and that family is white. The neighborhood that I live in is predominantly whites with a few minorities sprinkled in and we get along GREAT! I would never want move from this state unless I'm going to move somewhere internationally like... Bali!

Being raised in the south anywhere compared is probably less racist. But since living in Washington I have never witnessed a blatant racist act. I rarely even hear people describe others by the color of their skin. It only adds to the beauty that is Washington.

I'm from Seattle, and I've got to say, of all of the states I've lived/stayed in, Washington is the most accepting of people of any race, religion, sexuality, etc. It's a great place to live and is full of nice and accepting people.

I have lived in Washington for the majority of my life. I can't remember ever witnessing any racist acts in any of the communities I have lived in. I can't say I've lived in the most diverse populations (60% white, 40% the rest, give or take), but I will say that the populations I have lived in were the most open-minded and passionate about this subject. They would fight for the rights of others.

I lived in Western Washington State for 20 years, 1978 - 1998. There were pockets of racism, and the targets of their hate were Pacific NW Native American/Indians. Overall, Western Washington State is much more liberal and accepting of difference and more pluralistic than the two thirds of the state which make up Eastern WA, which is more rural and conservative. It was a much more accepting place for people who were different, and the communities, rural and metropolitan, were much more compassionate, inclusive and united. Unlike where I grew up in Aiken SC, and have now returned to live, only because I came back to help out my parents in the last six years of their lives, which remains nice on the surface, but very few of the white people here cross the color line even though most of the black people are open, warm and welcoming.

I was stationed in Oak Harbor and the scenery is awesome there. Didn't experience a hint of racism, but that could be mostly due to the military I guess. Ventured out towards the Seattle area often with no problems. Great state to raise a family.

Washington should be #1 I lived there for almost 20 years before moving to Virginia... I never thought racism was still an issue until I moved to Virginia

Washington is an absolute gem.. Educated, diverse, beautiful... They don't tolerate racism here period... This state is refreashing compared to the rest of the nation... And Seattle wow! Compare this to Atlanta... SEATTLE IS SOME 25 YEARS AHEAD OF ATLANTA... WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE A HUGE SOUTHERN CITY WITH AN Alabama MENTALITY.. SEATTLE COSMOPOLITAN, HIP AND VERY 21ST CENTURY

Most white people in Washington hate their own race and worship minorities (Seahawks anyone? ). Let's also not forget about Washington's own beloved mudsharks Rachel Dolezal and Hope Solo. Compared to the rest of the country, Washington has a high percentage of people who describe themselves as mixed race (which means there's a lot of race mixers). Washington is definitely one of the least racist states in the country, and it's not just the state, but the entire region of the Northwest that's like this. The amount of mixed race people, interracial dating, white self hatred, and black worship is proof of that.

Racists wouldn't feel welcome in Washington. White people only make up about half the population. Big melting pot with mixed race couples. Lots of businesses with foreign languages. Very heavy Thai, Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese, & Korean population in King County. Especially Korean, there's lots of big Korean supermarkets & a huge Japanese one in Seattle, which also doubles as a tourist attraction.

George Washington did not cross the Delaware river in the fashion every history school classroom would lead you to believe. The conditions were so bad no one stood up in the boats.

I am a highschool student in a highschool called Heritage Highschool, located in Vancouver and I have never once heard anybody say racial slurs except once, and he was brought down by an officer.

I grew up in Kitsap county where people get along with each other just fine. I'm mixed race and plenty of my friends are mixed race. I think it being a military town helps with all the coming and going of different people

I loved living there, but after I was assigned to san antonio. I felt racism at each occasion even though I am a soldier.

I'm a minority and I have never experienced racism, besides a few jokes but that's not REAL racism. In fact, Washington seems to be a little too liberal and attempt to shame white people because of their superior past even though it's fair for all races now. So I would say Washington is moderately racist but it's mainly aimed at Caucasians. - CobaltCards

There is no tolerance for racism here. I have not come across many racists, though if there are racists they are delt with. There was this one kid at school this year who was racist and he was quickly expelled. This is a no-brainer, but the schools here are very diverse and in general it's a really great place to live.

I live here and never felt discriminated against. I feel really comfortable in my state.

I was born in Washington State, and I am Black and White. Everyone here is really nice. No one has been racist to me, and I've never seen it happen here.

I have been here in Washington for a long time and they don't care if there good or bad (Washington is awesome). They just do what is right.

I've lived in Florida for basically all my life, and while I've never witnessed any "out right" racism, I know it's there. I would always subconciosly take note of the different races in a room and if it was prominatly white, I would feel uncomfortable, like I was being judged. I've recently moved to Washington, and I've got to say, there really is a big difference. People here just don't CARE about race. It's an overall different vibe, it's like everyone is color blind and as long as your a good person everyone is OK with you. And I've got to say it's a welcome change.

I want to live there, such an awesome state in every way, including the tolerance. - RogerWatersfan1999

Very Diverse. More inclusive than Massachusetts.