Least Radio Friendly Music Genres and Styles

Some genres like classical or jazz have their own radio stations. However, apart from mainstream pop, just a few music genres can be played on a misellanous station.

The Top Ten Least Radio Friendly Music Genres and Styles

1 Black Metal

It depends on if there are Black Metal internet radio stations, and if this is the case, the only people who would tune into them would be Black Metal fans. I don't suppose they would listen if it became "radio friendly". - Britgirl

Self explanatory. - Userguy44

Majority of black metal bands don't even focus on satanism.

But I offer condolences for such ignorance ;-) - Ananya

I know it's not only about satanism. But the necro-sound, heavily distorted guitars and those vocals make it not radio-friendly.

Also note how most people don't know what satanism is, just hear this word and immediately think it's something awful. - Alkadikce

2 Noise Rock

Yeah. Try to listen to "Metal Machine Music" by Lou Reed, the whole album. Tell me your ears don't hurt after that. Even at half the volume my head aches. - JoLeKosovo

3 Death Metal
4 Doom Metal
5 Grindcore
6 Contemporary Classical

Why wouldn't this be radio friendly? Are most movie soundtracks not contemporary classical?

Movie soundtracks yeah, but almost everything else requires a lot of concentration to find a melody in it - Alkadikce

Apart from piano hits like Yiruma's River Flows in You, most classical music written after the second world war appeals to a very small audience. It may have complex but melodiless phrases that most people regard as "note spam". Example: Kapustin - Impromptu op.66 No.2

You can't usually hear music of this period even on classical stations, at least the ones I am listening to. - Alkadikce

7 Experimental
8 Opera

Hits like Habanera or some scenes from The Magic Flute are continously played on classical radios but even I (as a classical fan) can't appreciate most operas. - Alkadikce

9 Dubstep

There is some horrible dubstep out there, and mainstream dubstep artists have really given the genre as a whole a bad image, but there's a lot of it hidden in the shadows which really is beautiful. Check Electus, Seven Lions and Au5 out. They are nothing like what most people associate with dubstep. - PositronWildhawk

10 Screamo

The Contenders

11 Gothic Rock
12 Reggaeton

People who do not understand the language, will not like it but as I understand it I like 50% only - YanRocky

This is actually quite popular with people I know, but I, for one, can't stand it. - PositronWildhawk

Screw this garbage music, it makes my head bleed.

13 Christian

You're talking about authentic church hymns, am I correct? I just want to clear the difference between actual hymns and the pop type songs they play on Christian radio today (they call it Contemporary Christian Music, or CCM). - Gg2000

If the radio started playing Christian songs with organ outside a service, 80% percent of people would switch station, including Christians themselves (although I wouldn't) - Alkadikce

14 Danger Music
15 Christian Hip Hop

Speaks for itself - Alkadikce

16 Extratone
17 No Wave
18 Trap
19 Hip Hop
20 Anti-Folk

Beck is the most famous anti-folk artist. And god, his anti-folk songs are VERY WEIRD. As radio-friendly as Trout Mask Replica, if not less. - JoLeKosovo

21 Grime
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