Top Ten Least Scary Five Nights at Freddy's Jumpscares

For us FNaF fans out there, there are some really scary jump scares. But some of them, leave us confused to why people say they are scary.

NOTE: I did not make this to bash or insult FNaF fans, in fact I bought all four games and I am a huge fan myself, but I wanted to make something different. Everyone has all scary top tens, so what about the ones who don't give a fright?

The Top Ten

1 Foxy Foxy Foxy is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.



He doesn't jump, he just peeks in your door and makes noise. what kind of jumpscare is that?

In FNAF 1 his jumpscare is just leaning and screaming, Scott should of put a little more effort into it cause when I see his jumps are I just sit there, I don't scream like I do with the others. His jumps are in UCN is better then the one in FNAF 1 In my opinion.

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2 Springtrap Springtrap Springtrap is a character in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, released in March 2, 2015. He's a green and gold bunny with another character named William (Purple Guy) in him. Purple Guy being the murderer of the 5 children murdered in the 80s with Violet Afton, William Afton did get springlocked along with more.

You can even tell when he is going to jumpscare as his shadow moves. - XxembermasterxX

He is one of the best characters but they could make a better jump scare

The first time I encountered him in FNaF 3 I didn't flinch one bit. He gives you a HUGE heads up of his arrival and only attacks if he made it through the vents, or if your ventilation goes out. - Coopetro

All springtrap does is walk straight in front of you. the he is gone - molasses

3 Golden Freddy Golden Freddy

In FNaF 1 his jump scare is not all that scary. His face appears, but he doesn't move. - Coopetro

He is just an empty suit. I don't play fnaf but I know some stuff about it - P-51IsDaBest

4 Chica's Cupcake

I thought about putting the marionette but this is less scary and creepy

Yes, this cupcake has a jumpscare in FNaF 4. Its more cute than anything. - Coopetro

5 Plushtrap Plushtrap Plushtrap is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is the plush version of Springtrap and the first antagonist who appears in his own minigame, "Fun with Plushtrap", the second being Nightmare Balloon Boy, and does not make appearances elsewhere (other than the after-night minigames).

Plushtrap is just a better springtrap

Plushtrap IS THE BEST his jumpscare makes him look like he needs to tell you about the end of the world he looks like rick sanchez

Basically Springtrap. Smaller and not scary. - Coopetro

He looks like he's whispering to you about something

6 Phantom Balloon Boy

We all hated him in the second game, and in the third game we have a reason to hate him more. - Coopetro

7 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie is one of the newer animatronics and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He is Bonnie's "redesigned" counterpart from the past who replaced Bonnie's own pre-rebuilt incarnation Withered Bonnie for improvement.

Toy Bonnie looks more like an artist lost his mind. Toy Bonnie looks more friendly than anything. Plus its hard to give a kid friendly character a horrifying jump scare. - Coopetro

8 Nightmarionette

I can call it a bit creepy but not scary

He is freaky to see down the hallway, but his jump scare is just his face smiling at you. I wouldn't call a smile scary. - Coopetro

9 Mr Hippo

The scary thing is sitting through the death quote. - Cyri

10 Happy Frog Happy Frog

This should be top 5!
She just literally waves her arms around, and her eyes are going in different directions. Look it up or play the game if you don’t believe me.

Doesn't look too scary... :P I've nevr actually played FNAF but I know most of the animatronics.(correct me if I'm wrong)

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11 Toy Chica Toy Chica

Of course she looks a little freaky, but with all the options to choose from most of them are scary. Toy Chica looks different from when she is on the stage, and in your office. But like Toy Bonnie, kid friendly is hard to make scary. - Coopetro

12 Mangle Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. It has a yellow eye and a black eye. it is designed as a broken fox.

I agree but disagree with Mangle being on this list. She warns you of her presence by being visibly seen on the ceiling and her garbled radio voice. But she does give a fright, mostly because she strikes at any given time. - Coopetro

Not to detailed of a jumpscare cool animatronic

13 Marionette Marionette

It's a kamikaze puppet. WOW - P-51IsDaBest

14 Phone Guy

Yeah very scary jumpscare

15 El Chip
16 Nightmare Balloon Boy Nightmare Balloon Boy

I really think Scott is just trying to annoy us. - Coopetro

17 Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

He just heads into your face

18 Balloon Boy Balloon Boy

Actually he had a jumpscare in FNAF 3.

Yes, he is stupid but he doesn't have a jump scare until FNAF 4

He stupid

19 Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Bonnie isn't that scary in fnaf 1 and 2 in fnaf fnaf 2 withered bonnie can sometimes be right in front of your face and you put up the Freddy mask and he stays there until you take it off.your basically prepared for the fnaf 1 all you have to do is check the lights and then he is right can just close the door or put up the monitor on purpose.then your ready to put the monitor down and he will kill you or he yanks it down.either way your prepared if you spot him.

20 Helpy
21 Funtime Chica Funtime Chica
22 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy
23 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy Toy Freddy is a new animatronic and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, also being a titular antagonist.
24 Chica Chica Chica is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

She isn't scary anyways. In FNAF 2, all she dirs is show up on your screen doing nothing... Not scary - P-51IsDaBest

25 Phantom Foxy Phantom Foxy


26 Ignited Chica

Fan made joy of creation reborn.

27 Ennard Ennard Ennard is a mix of the smelted animatronic endoskeletons of Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy fused together with their animatronic eyeballs scattered on his body. Ennard takes form of Molten Freddy in FNaF 6 and scoops Michael Afton using the Scooper Machine in Sister Location so more.

Ennard isn't that creepy.

Ennard: thanks

28 Lefty Lefty
29 Rockstar Foxy

He warns you before you get jumpscare

30 Circus Baby

She pops in your face

31 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy is a mysterious shadow purple variant of Freddy Fazbear that appears in Parts/Service on very rare occasions in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Not much is currently known about this particular character. Viewing him for too long will crash the game (or freeze the game in the mobile version). more.

In appearance, shadow freddy can look... creepy, but literally all he does is pops out from the closet, and says
HAHAAHAHA I scared you, bai!

32 Nedd Bear

More silly than scary

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