Least Scary Goosebumps Books

Which Of RL Stines Books Gave You The Least Amount Of Goosebumps?

The Top Ten

1 How I Learned to Fly

This is not a scary book but it is one of my favorites. I love this book I read it twice.

Not scary at all

Need this book

2 Go Eat Worms!

Don't say it bad it's great

Ugg this is so Not scary at all. Nothing even happens in this one until the end and even the ending stinks.

3 Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter

How's it weird it's great

This is weird

Some of the characters are Barney and Dora

4 My Best Friend Is Invisible

Looks pretty ok

5 Chicken, Chicken

This book looks really weird and I think it is because everyone says it is

This book was the least scariest,

It's a good book

6 Say Cheese and Die-Again!

I said it and nothing happened

So bad

7 Bad Hare Day

I didn't like the book

Nice episode

8 Monster Blood IV

This was the least scary in the monster blood series

9 You Can't Scare Me

This book and episode doesn't make sense

Didn't pick up until almost the end.

Wide episode

10 Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns

I think this scary

Great episode

The Contenders

11 Calling All Creeps

This book made me think that I'd get calls from people who say they are creeps... Very scary

It was well written but was funny instead of scary

This book was terrifying when I read it as a kid


12 Monster Blood II

Cuddles give me a cuddle

13 It Came From Beneath the Sink

This book isn't scary at all


14 Be Careful What You Wish For

Shocking shocking episode in my opinion

This was a okay episode

This episode is not part of goosebumps it sucks

15 Why I'm Afraid Of Bees

This should be higher on the list

Bees are really scary


16 Deep Trouble

Probably the worst episode ever made

About a mermaid! Seriously!

Its not at all scary mermaids come from nice fairy tales what was up with R.L Stine when he wrote this a 3 year old wouldn't be scared of it!

17 The Blob That Ate Everyone

It doesn't look scary just disgusting really disgusting.

The blob isn't that bad guys

Nothing Freaky AT ALL! The blob wasn't scary.

18 The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

It's scary because of time

19 The Haunted Mask

It's too short and boring to be scary

20 A Night In Terror Tower

Not scary!

21 Night of the Living Dummy 3

What the heck are you talking about

I've read it and I think it's weird because its Wilbur not slappy so its just weird.

This book was junk!

22 Let's Get Invisible

No way. Not scary. I was laughing!

23 Goosebumps How I Got My Shrunken Head

Awesome but not scary

Bad episode

Doesn't look scary. haven't read, but looks entrigueing because it doesn't look scary.

24 One Day at Horrorland

This was not scary okay

25 Planet of the Lawn Gnomes

Talking dog, as a twist, wants Jay to go back to Earth, earth dogs do not even whisper. Plus, weird and not frightening.

26 Jekyll and Heidi

It is best book.But not so scary

27 The Ghost Next Door

It wasn't scary at all. It all turns out that Hannah was the ghost, and it is frightening.

It is quite scary

28 The Streets of Panic Park
29 Night of the Living Dummy
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1. How I Learned to Fly
2. Monster Blood IV
3. My Best Friend Is Invisible
1. Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter
2. How I Learned to Fly
3. Bad Hare Day


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