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1 Paranormal Activity

YAwn! what was that?

This movie was made for the people that think Charlie Brown with a sheet over his head is scary!

First time I saw this, I was young so I found this scary. Looking back on it, I say to myself "Why did I think that was scary? " All of the stuff is so predictable especially the ending.

One of the most overrated horror flicks of all time - Mcgillacuddy

2 Halloween

Are you kidding? The Halloween movie is a classic, h20 I understand but not the first one, its awesome, better then a lot of the dumb crap put out lately

Whole movie I was thinking is it over yet. It was boring. I am 14 years old so that probably has something to do with it. - Eemeli

This was terrifying compared to Friday, Nightmare, and Texas

The Halloween movies just never scared me.

3 Jaws

Not scary at all! I definitely wouldn't call Jaws a horror

I watched this when I was like 5 or so and it's not scary at all

The first half of the movie is fantastic. I loved it. Then they get on the boat and Quint, the least believable crazy person of all time, decides to ruin the whole ambiance of the movie. Then we see the shark and think...that's it? Then we get goofy Quint and rubber shark together at the end, Quint yells a lot and spits out ketchup, the shark looks hilarious hanging over the edge of the boat, and then the shark is defeated in one of the cheesiest ways imaginable. By the time you're done with the second half of the movie, you'll forget the amazing first half and not be that afraid of the water.

Bad movie. It doesn't make any sense. - Userguy44

4 The Happening

Y'all hating on this movie.

Is this even horror... ?

The only thing scary about this movie is Mark Wahlburgh's acting.

5 The Exorcist

How? This is one of the scariest movies ever? - Userguy44

There's something wrong with the people who vote on this, paranormal activity, number one! I know that most of them aren't scary but volume one... And the exorcist number ten in front of scream. I mean this is THE EXORCIST we're talking about, not attack of the killer tomatoes!

At the time it came out, and for a few years after this movie may have been frightening, but today, this movie is actually a little sad, and a lot over-rated. I laughed through a lot of it, and only got the slightest chill when she went down the stairs upside-down. I was quite disappointed. - heather

Its not the graphics it's the concept... Scariest movie ever. graphics are not everything, people

6 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

.-. what how is this a horror movie? ._. I feel bad for the people who watched this and got scared .-.

How is this scary

This sounds weird. What's next? A movie about when baseballs attack footballs?

Tomatoes HAHAA more of a comedy movie than horror - AJIsTheCoolest

7 Boogeyman

The most boring film I've ever seen, complete with a cringe worthy monster reveal.

8 Stephen King's It

I would say that tim currys pennywise is kind of creepy, and I think he played the roll very well, but I wouldn't say its scary at all.

good movie though.

Not scary at all.
(I am referring to the 2017 movie)

I agree that this made-for-T.V. movie did not capture the true terrifying horror of the novel. This book is phenomenal and deserves a better movie. Thank goodness Warner Brothers is currently working on a new film version for theatrical release. They say it will be broken into two films. If done right, this could be epic.

Tim curry doesn't even look like he's taking the role seriously. He just keeps laughing and telling dumb jokes. He's more of a nuisance than he is a threat.

9 The Blair Witch Project

I thought this movie was dumb.

This is such a stupid film. - MoldySock

Blair Witch Project Should be 1

All shaky camera, zero horror.

10 The Shining

This is a good movie but I really don't understand why everyone thinks it's so scary - Ajkloth

It was a horror movie? I thought it was a action movie. Except the part where that chick met a man in a dog suit kneeling in front of a man. That's it. - lassidoggy

Waiting for the Top 10 funniest Jack Nicholson faces.

It's REALLY good made movie but it's not scary

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? Cult of Chucky
? Child's Play 3

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11 Scream

After the first death it became cheesy and stuff. Decent plot but just not scary - AlphaQ

12 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


13 I Know What You Did Last Summer

More of a drama, thriller or action movie. Not at all a scary movie

It's not that great. It's very derivative.

14 Dead at the Box Office
15 Gremlins

This isn't a horror movie

They are NOT scary they are very very very cute

16 Children of the Corn
17 House of Wax (2005)
18 Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2
19 Friday the 13th

When the mom at the end of the movie was trying the kill the main character and also talking as Jason, I was laughing my ass off

Hey! I was born on Friday the 13th

20 Seed of Chucky
21 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge
22 Saw I

saw 1 was pretty much just there to start up the story saw 2 was the one that crepped me out comepletely

Saw has a lot of gore! It is a horror film!

It passes off as a horror movie just because it's torture porn and gory. Sad - Mcgillacuddy

the movie was excellent but not scary - immabe

23 It (1990)

To anyone who's scared of this movie, go watch Nostalgia Critic's review of it and you won't be scared anymore.

24 The Grudge 2

No way. This one is scary as hell! - Userguy44

25 Tremors
26 Devil

The majority of it is just boring then you get the back story and lo and behold... still boring

27 An American Werewolf In London
28 Ax 'Em

its so boring and not scary
- B0untyHunt3r

29 The Possession
30 Jason X

I love Friday the 13th and I love Jason Voorhees but this was very disappointing. Aside from the fact that it's not scary at all, the whole plot is kind of corny. It's the typical killer in space and going on a killing spree kind of thing.

How are trolls getting classics to rank so high when crap like this, with no tension even in its kill scenes, is right here ready to choose?

31 Bride of Chucky

I hate you baby

32 Slither
33 High Tension
34 Krampus

I like this one

35 Dire Wolf
36 F*** Norge
37 Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This is one of the greatest movies ever

38 Child's Play

It may have been scary back then, but now it's just really corny and really dated. Besides, after brad dourif is shot in the beginning he doesn't act like he's feeling any pain. He sounds like he's annoyed.

39 The Gingerdead Man


It is funny

40 Les gloutonnes
41 Cursed
42 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
43 Arachnophobia
44 Freddy vs. Jason

It could have been worse. I did like the fight between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

45 Bloodsuckers
46 Monster a Go-Go
47 P2

Not scary but a good movie - JaysTop10List

48 A Nightmare On Elm Street

Very let down by this movie. Did not enjoy it at all. - Co0lk1d25

49 Leprechaun

I don't hate the movie, but I still have to say that for a horror movie, it's really not scary.

50 Inside
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