Least Sexualized Body Parts

We might feel like every body part is an object of lust. There are still a few ones that aren't viewed sexually.

Please don't add inner body parts to the list. Except for one particular user who must not be named, it is pretty obvious you don't find gall bladders attractive. Also: don't add body parts together with a modifier: don't add items like "beer belly". However, you may make a difference between male and female body parts like I did with male feet.

The Top Ten Least Sexualized Body Parts

1 Ears

I have to say this is a very good and creative list, including the images - their selection is also very creative. Congrats! - Metal_Treasure

My sister love ears, but wait... MEDDLE'S COVER WAS AN EAR ALL ALONG? I've been wondering about that for so long. - JoLeKosovo

Ears are probably the facial feature one cares the least about. We notice if they are ugly (too big or projecting) but people rarely talk about "beautiful ears". - Alkadikce

In all honesty... I always throught this cover was an upside down nose (I took the dark brown spaces as the foreground and the light blue spaces as the background). I did see that for years... now all I can see is the ear and wonder how I misiniterpreted that for so long. - Martin_Canine

2 Foreheads

Another body part that is unfairly overlooked. Between eyes, the body part that is often viewed as the mirror of your personality and hair. Having a tall forehead makes you look more intelligent. - Alkadikce

As I said in the elbows entry, no one sexualizes my body parts, but I have a strong forehead. It took many (hard) facepalms (they didn't even hurt). Last year, this one kid I thought was a nuisance debated which was stronger, another kid in my grade's neck or my forehead. - PhoenixAura81

Rihanna's forehead is quite prominent. Do people sexualize it? Maybe not. - Metal_Treasure

This is probably the least sexualized body part, this is a very interesting list idea alkadikce, it really isn't something I've thought about outside of the surprise of how popular body fat is - germshep24

3 Forearms

Never understood the lack of acclaim for this body part and arms in general. Together with shoulders, they connect your face with your hands, the two most common target areas of platonic attraction. - Alkadikce

I've already had a bunch of occasional Forearms, so awesome, instantly made me totally -out like a Cheerleader on Molly.
A perfectly timed Flying Forearm from the highest rope, Bamm! right on the opponent's forehead...what a beauty! - Mush_LeFreak

Just part of an arm

4 Elbows

My elbows aren't sexualized (no one sexualizes any part of me fortunately, but people say I have amazing hair), but I have a rather strong elbow. I once elbowed my sister hard enough that she had to use my mom's scarf as a sling for three days (this happened because she wouldn't let go of my arm, even though I told her to let go a few times). - PhoenixAura81

It's strange how knees are generally considered attractive but the same part of the arm isn't. They could be a symbol of youth since it is one of the most aging skin areas, along with eyelids. - Alkadikce

Haha, yes. It makes me sad that nobody will ever view my elbows as sexually attractive (I was just joking). - Metal_Treasure

Jacksfilms made a video about elbow fetish : "3 dicks on a bench". - JoLeKosovo

5 Nostrils

While the lack of attention is understandable, they could be found attractive in a spiritual way as the place where we breathe - Alkadikce

This should be #1 honestly lol

Crimson King! - Pointingfingers

6 Eyelids

Eyes themselves are one of the body parts people are interested in the most. However, eyelashes and pupils are much more important than eyelids. - Alkadikce

Eye lids are part of the eyes, if a person has an eye fetish it goes without saying that eyelashes and eyelids go with it, girls don't put eye shadow on the eyes after all it is on the eyelid - germshep24

7 Kneecaps
8 Palms

While people look at each other's palms often for other reasons (e.g. mother and son comparing them), the other side of your hand is mostly considered more attractive. - Alkadikce

9 Male Feet

While female feet are a very common object of desire and there are many fashion trends based around them, no one seems to care what's under a man's socks. - Alkadikce

Yes, Female Foot Fetish is a thing but Male Foot? No (or at least I don't know it is but I don't know much about fetishes so...). - Metal_Treasure

Their definitely are, there is a reason it is called a foot fetish not a female foot fetish - germshep24

Male feets have a pretty big following in the fetish community, just ask any male SWer - germshep24

10 Armpits

This is the one that I am surprised to find is very sexualized, outside of hair and fingernails this is probably the most sexualized on this list and I still just don't understand why - germshep24

There are some fashion photos where models, both male and female, are lifting their arms and showing their armpits. - Alkadikce

The Contenders

11 Male Ankles

Almost belongs to male feet. When a man's ankle is visible between his shoe and pants, it is often viewed as not proper way of dressing up. - Alkadikce

I'm actually having really sexy male-ankles - especially the right one is a real hottie! - Mush_LeFreak

Duh. A female ankle is a completely different thing... - Metal_Treasure

12 Neck The giraffe is an African even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant.

Often ignored but Adam's apple is viewed as a symbol of manliness even though women have it (but it's not visible in most cases). However, the rear side of your neck is never viewed as attractive. - Alkadikce

In some cultures long necks are aestheticized but I can't say if they get sexualized because of that - a famous example is Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen. - Metal_Treasure

Thanks to vampire movies, necks are highly sexualized - germshep24

Ever heard of hickies? - wren6

13 Thumbs

I usually include thumbs to go along with the hand fetish, otherwise most just aren't going to think about an individual finger (outside of the middle finger for obvious reason) or thumb as sexy, but throw them together it creates the hand fetish.
Though the thumb is definitely the least sexy because of its association of being a baby (sucking thumbs). - germshep24

When your last One Night Stand gave you - by far - the most awesome oral performance, you've ever seen - though you're still kinda irritated, why it was actually your left Thumb, that got sucked for 3,5h... - Mush_LeFreak

14 Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important facial feature to me. I'm not saying I sexualize them though. - Alkadikce

This was a good add, sure women might draw on brows or pluck most just don't pay attention to them beyond the judgement of if it looks ugly or if it is a unibrow - germshep24

15 Liver

Made popular by Hannibal lector, we now it is good with a nice Chianti - germshep24

I explained it in the description not to add any inner body parts. Even the ones that sometimes appear in romantic speech (i.e. heart) are not sexualized, just connected with some spiritual meaning. - Alkadikce

16 Teeth
17 Back
18 Fingernails
19 Tongue

Tongues are pretty sexualized, that remind people of having an attractive person go down on them - germshep24

Umm...I think they are. A lot. - Metal_Treasure

Tongues are sexualized - ElSherlock

B r u h they totally super are - xEliHbkx

20 Nose
21 Hair

I think hair IS sexualized - Metal_Treasure

It definitely is, I'm not sure if your old enough to remember those shampoo commercial where the person would start moaning while shampooing their hair, I can't remember which product it was for.
Also how iconic certain hair styles become - germshep24

22 Eyelashes

They most certainly ARE - Metal_Treasure

23 Eyeballs

Eyeballs is pretty much just saying, liver kidney or other parts inside the body, you could be sexually attracted to these part but that would make you a danger to all around you - germshep24

Honestly, these parts shouldn't be sexualized at all because eye attraction sounds really harmful.

Yes a literal attraction to eyeballs would be harmful, because that would mean you would have to remove a persons eyes right out of their socket just to be able to get off and it would make you a psycho. - germshep24

24 Male Chest

If you have watched a Superhero Movie, Conan the Barbarian, or 300 you know how sexualized the male chest is.
Women go crazy over Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth and that is only partially because of their face - germshep24

While the female chest does get this treatment for...obvious reasons...it doesn't seem to apply to the male one.

@germshep24 wrote "if your talking about an unfit male chest yes, but a fit one is highly sexualizd". I see as if the same could be said about any other male body part. - Alkadikce

25 Toenails
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