Least Understood Disney Princess Movies

This is a list of Disney movies that people don't get the story. Sequels are welcomed to be here!

The Top Ten

1 Cinderella

People say it's the prince who forget Cinderella and has to put a shoe on every girl when it's ACTUALLY the grand duke who tested the slipper on every girl.

Why did her glass slipper slip off? Because her feet are sweaty due to so much dancing, duh... Instead of making inferences, this is what they immediately spread around.

They blame the prince on the whole shoe putting thing when it's the grand duke who tested the shoe out on ever girl

I don't understand this at all. Even though I'm the only person who hasn't seen it - m8keyourself

Well of course... If you have never seen something, you don't understand it then duh... - orexcabe

2 Pocahontas


3 The Princess and the Frog

Didn't get the part with Dr Facilier at all

4 Frozen

The film sucks - sonictiger

5 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
6 Brave

I didn't understand this at all

7 The Little Mermaid
8 Sleeping Beauty
9 Moana
10 Mulan II

Should be 1st or second! No one knows if the Mongols invaded China.

The Contenders

11 Tangled

Girl finds out she's long lost and goes back home. Very understood. - orexcabe

12 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Never saw this one

13 Aladdin
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