Top Ten Leatherman Multi-tools


The Top Ten

1 Leatherman Wave

The most popular Leatherman, and it has 18 different tools. - ChuckLaunching

2 Leatherman Surge

Larger and heavier than the Wave, and holds 21 different tools. - ChuckLaunching

3 Leatherman Charge TTi

Another well-known Leatherman. It has 19 different tools and is still pretty lightweight. - ChuckLaunching

4 Leatherman Signal

A unique Leatherman with 19 different tools. Its most prominent tools being the emergency whistle and the ferrocerium rod for starting fires. - ChuckLaunching

5 Leatherman Leap

My first Leatherman, and the first Leatherman directed for kids. It has 13 different tools, and has an optional knife blade, which can be installed later when the child is responsible enough to have it. - ChuckLaunching

6 Leatherman Rebar

This Leatherman has 17 different tools, and it is 100% stainless steel and features an 8-inch ruler on its side. - ChuckLaunching

7 Leatherman Tread

How could I not include the Tread on this list? It is the world's first wearable multi-tool, and it is made up of 29 different screwdriver heads and wrenches. - ChuckLaunching

8 Leatherman Raptor

Even though this Leatherman only has 6 tools, it has a really unique shape. Also, its tools are very different from the average Leatherman. - ChuckLaunching

9 Leatherman Micra

One of the smallest multi-tools ever. It has a key ring which means it can fit on your keys. 10 different tools can fit in the Micra. - ChuckLaunching

10 Leatherman Wingman

Another popular Leatherman. It holds 14 tools, and it is very versatile. - ChuckLaunching

The Contenders

11 Leatherman Sidekick

A great choice for beginners. It has 14 different tools including 2 knives. - ChuckLaunching

12 Leatherman Skeletool

The Skeletool is a full-size lightweight Leatherman with 7 tools, and it is very unique-looking from other common multi-tools. - ChuckLaunching

13 Leatherman Juice

A very compact Leatherman with 15 tools. It is also very durable regarding its size. - ChuckLaunching

14 Leatherman Juice CS4
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