Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs the Average Person Might Not Know


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1 Heartbreaker

I love this song. - SammySpore

To be honest the first 3 on the list are some of the first Zep songs I was familiar with. - Beatlesboy9

2 Communication Breakdown

I know this song actually. - MusicalPony

3 What Is and What Should Never Be

This is one of my fave songs on Led Zeppelin ii - SammySpore

4 Thank You

Really a nice song.

5 Whole Lotta Love

Are you kidding? Everyone knows this song.

This is my 2nd favorite led zeppelin song and it has a great guitar riff - Ajkloth

What everyone knows this song

This is second most popular zepp song after stairway... How come an average person doesn't know this...

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6 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
7 Your Time Is Gonna Come

This song is pretty slow and steady - Ajkloth

8 The Rover
9 The Battle of Evermore
10 I Can't Quit You Baby

The Contenders

11 Hats Off to (Roy) Harper

Not a great song, maybe even their worst. So most average people might not know this one.

12 Achilles Last Stand

All LZ songs are amazing this song is underrated and my favorite song by them more people needs to hear this stairway to heaven is very ausome and this too

13 Dazed and Confused
14 Ramble On
15 Misty Mountain Hop
16 In the Evening
17 Hey Hey What Can I Do

The best song Zeppelin conceived, hidden on the b side

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