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21 Ten Years Gone Ten Years Gone

This song is very soothing to me. The overall tone of the instruments encompass what the song is about and I feel that this song has not gotten the notice and appreciation from the masses like many other of Led Zeppelin's songs. I actually use this song to help me sleep sometimes because I, like many others, can relate to what's being talked about in the song, and, like I said previously, the song is soothing. 5/5 star song yet it remains #9.

I love this song, I could listen to it ten times in a row and not get boared. - Queen-aholic

What the hell, two months ago I checked this sites and ten years gone on 2rd but now on 10 on this list, what is wrong with you people have you lost your fate for this song cause rap songs? I think we should rank this song higher

Quiet, peaceful, powerful

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22 The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore

The fact the That mastermind Page can factor a mandolin into a rock song and the lyrics are mystic... Maybe not #1 but it should be in the top 10

The Battle Of Evermore is an amazing Led Zeppelin Song, no matter what jIMMY PAGE plays he makes it sound incredible I love this song to death and should be top 15.

incredible zeppelin song, one of the best from led zeppelin 4 give it a listen sometime

The Battle of Evermore will ever more be enigmatic and mystical.

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23 Communication Breakdown Communication Breakdown

WHAT?! But what about the riff I mean GEEZ it's a great song! - lilbullet111

Wow is all have to say for this song! It's so catchy and awesome!
I LOVE the guitar riff and the kind of crazy, fast, psycho feel it has to it!
So energetic and full of life! 5 stars!

Had a great deal of influence on punk rock. Not to mention an amazing song.

Gawdeem, exciting song

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24 Bring It on Home Bring It on Home

Starts slow, and then one of the best Led Zeppelin riffs starts up. This is one that once you listen to it a few times, everything sounds incredible. This is too underrated.

Very top 10 worthy, if you dont appreciate this piece of work you dont undertand the real influences of the greatest band ever Led Zeppelin

The first time I heard this song and the page's guitar blasted in followed by bonham's drums, I think I came. This song is honestly in my top 5 favorite Zeppelin songs it is outrageously underrated.

A mind-blowing combination of the traditional and the new. Page never wrote a better riff.

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25 Fool in the Rain Fool in the Rain

Love the time alternative signature and Latin feel. Led Zeppelin were real musicians who continued to push their musical boundaries. John Bonham's shuffle beat lays down a real slinky groove...

Relish this classic track.

fool in the rain is one of my favorite zeppelin songs! it should be in the top ten - 678rob754

This is an awesome song with a signature drum line. The beat from the song Rosanna by Toto was ripped off from here.

This song makes the album so unique, this is one of my favorites.

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26 D'yer Mak'er D'yer Mak'er

This is probably my favorite by Led Zeppelin I mean I literally have all of their songs on my iPod and all of their vinyls they are all rock. Roll gods!

This song relaxes me... I love it! Oh oh oh oh oh oh you don't have to go, oh oh oh oh

This is the best pop song period. and it's not even by a pop group. this just proves how amazing Led Zeppelin are as musicians.

I don't know how this isn't in the top 3. This is song is love, life, and everything else~! I mean, I am comparing this song to Bohemian Rhapsody -It's that good-. I love this song so much, I could die~! Robert Plant - Jimmy Page. It's a shame that many people haven't heard it yet.

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27 Hey Hey What Can I Do Hey Hey What Can I Do

Very underrated acoustic jam. Excellent lyrics, the mandolin is beautiful, and it has such a soulful performance by Robert Plant.

Has to be one of the best original acoustic pieces, alongside stairway to heaven and over the hills and far away, this should be higher; lyrics and singing blend to make it a classic zeppelin blues ballad, and the guitar base and drums make it a cacophony of good music

Why is this so low? I don't even listen to rock, but this is a excellent song. Best Zeppelin song hands down!

This song has soul, is acoustic, has a great feel, what's not to like?

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28 Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)

Led zeppelin never played this live because they didn't want to, this song is a good song but isn't as creative as the other ones, there are lots of other songs like this in the 70s scattered all around, don't get me wrong it's a great song but its nothing compared to stairway to heaven or kashmir.

Although not very known, this song is a very powerful rock song

29 Thank You Thank You

The best love song of Led Zeppelin written by Plant for his wife... Got some good acoustic action by Page and really good drumming by Bonzo, not to mention the organ solo by JPJ

I was stunned when I looked on this list and this song was not in the top ten. It is the most melodic piece zeppelin ever performed and is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I deserves a spot in the top ten.

Great love song with heartfelt singing from plant... Makes me cry whenever I listen it.

Great song but I feel that it is the only song that kind of stands out in LZII. Awesome song but I just don't feel like it fits in with songs like heartbreaker and whole lotta love

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30 How Many More Times How Many More Times

This is so underrated. I discovered this song and now it's my 2nd favorite of theirs behind Stairway. How's that for opposite ends of the spectrum? Stairway is the most famous, while this song is pretty much unknown. Yet, they are both amazing

Should be higher up, in my opinion.
8:30 of pure eargasms. I love how it starts out softly then the guitars roll in with the riff. Can't forget of course the amazing drum beat and and twists and turns in this song.

This song is quite possibly the most underrated song ever! My favourite Led Zeppelin song, all of the different sections fit together so well, brilliant guitar work and god-like vocals!

This is by far the most exhilarating and exiting song by Led Zeppelin. I like to think of it as a sort of sequel to dazed and confused. Defiantly my all time favorite zep song

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31 The Song Remains The Same The Song Remains The Same

Hey this should be like number 5 or something like that! - pinillj

44? Are you kidding me? It should at least be in the top 15. Very energetic song with AMAZING guitars and a great vocal performance by Plant. Just listen to it.

The way Page's driving guitar kicks off the song sets up the vibe: completely full of energy and power.

The bass line alone should have this song in the top 5.

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32 The Rover The Rover

Great song with heavy guitar and a solo smooth like butter on bread.

This is my personal favorite, I listen to it on a daily basis and I probably will never get tired of it. It's a shame it's so underrated and largely unknown.

just a plain under-rated song. The opening guitar-riff puts you in a
psychedlic transe -

Most underrated song...wish they played it live more often

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33 Moby Dick Moby Dick

Actually, it IS the best. If you watch the LZDVD, you'll see how amazing he is. Greatest drummer who ever lived.

not the best but an awesome drum solo - rockman

Ladies and gentlemen. John Henry Bonham on MOBY DICK!

John h. Bonham (Bonzo) the unrivaled king of drumming and god of rock and roll. undoubtedbly the best drum shuffle in the history of all music with timing, speed, and bass still to this day no one has ever came close to the skill of John Bonham and the truth is no one ever will. rest in peace Bonzo you are greatly missed.

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34 What Is and What Should Never Be What Is and What Should Never Be

I started looking for this song after I didn't see it in the top 20 I was shocked and saddened! Granted, the sentimental value attached to this song for me personally is what makes it my favorite Led tune, but damn, 38!? This song is so beautifully crafted. Plant's delivery is haunting and comforting all at once and god damn man, when the back and forth guitar riff starts up after the mid song pause... It's like magic! One of Page's best and most memorable in my opinion. Most of the songs that sit higher on this list are amazing as well, but this song should definitely be higher, at least top 15! It's incredible and a must listen for any Zeppelin fan or music fan in general!

This is one of those really dynamic songs by Zeppelin that many people don't know about. Turn it up loud and enjoy!

This song with out a doubt should be in the top 5, it is a very underrated song! This is the type of song that anybody can jam too from start to finish. This is personally one of my favorite songs and should definitely be higher
On the list!

This is better then 5 of the top 10!

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35 Misty Mountain Hop Misty Mountain Hop

This is the Zeppelin song I can remember most from my childhood, and it has always been my favourite

Excellent song! Very cool how it goes from a regular 4/4 feel to a 1/2 time feel. Perfect drumming

The opening of this song always gets me up and dancing more than any pop crap from today possibly could. Nothing can replicate the feeling I get from listening to this, it's just... AWESOME.

Top 5 common. People should have to take a test before they vote.

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36 Nobody's Fault But Mine Nobody's Fault But Mine

I like how he sings the riff it sounds awesome its also a classic you gotta love it its zeppelin

This is easily a top ten song, you don't hear it very often though. Great song to jam to.

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37 Houses of the Holy Houses of the Holy

Its Zeppelins best song, hands down. That riff makes me feel good, and my day is just much better every time I hear that song. - icruz18

I don't understand why this is down so low I grew up listening to this its probly their best song I love it hands down

How is this so low? Unbelievable song!

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38 Tangerine Tangerine

the most incredible acoustic song of led zeppelin

this is by far a classic, you can never say one is number one, they all are

This song contains one of the most beautiful guitar solos I've ever heard. This song was written while Page was in The Yardbirds; but I don't think they recorded it.

Very underrated of their songs. This song is my second favorite songs of theirs. - zxm

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39 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Very underrated, I mean seriously HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW THIS SONG BEFORE SEEING IT ON THIS LIST?! Poor Tom is also the song with almost like, the best drumming ever.

Totally awesome, WAY too low on the list, awesome acoustic guitar solo

Why is this so know, probably people don't know.. One of the greatest

Too low because people don't know

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40 In the Light In the Light

The dark opening, the heavy riff, the buildup, the otherworldly guitar sequences, capped by an ending of indescribable and stunning freedom-epitomizing guitar playing make for the greatest song of all time. Led Zeppelin's best moment

Above and beyond anything this band has ever done. As RObert Plant said "In The Light is our finest moment. " - willsinn

This song is top 10 material for me! 55 is just absurd. Of course, Led Zeppelin had so many epic songs that it's hard to put any anywhere. That's why lists like these are so controversial.

This song is, by far, one of their finest achievements! It is the best rock ballad ever written!

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