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41 Trampled Under Foot Trampled Under Foot

This song is a classic
its gotta be higher up

So surprised this song is so low. I feel like it's one of their more radio exposed songs as well. Anyways, like much of all Physical Graffiti, this song blew me away the first time I heard it. So catchy and so easy to groove to. Definitely prefer it over much of the Top 10. It's just a classic.

come on guys this song absolutely rocks!

This is one of Robert Plant's favorite Zeppelin songs, it goes by it self.

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42 All My Love All My Love

Robert Plant and John Paul Jones really took led zeppelin to a whole new level this song. I was really surprised when I found out that Jimmy Page didn't write this song along with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.
R.I.P Karac

This should be on top 3, When I first heard this song I feel the beauty and sadness of this song. What a masterpiece

A great song rom the vastly underrated In Through the Out Door album. The whole album makes me wish that John Paul Jones had been given more opportunities for songwriting throughout Zeppelin's history. The song is a masterpiece, with every instrument laying down a perfect foundation for Plant's perfect singing.

This song is absolutely beautiful. How it's so low I don't know but this song is amazing and so calming.

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43 Traveling Riverside Blues Traveling Riverside Blues

This has to be the best song ever written, way to low. Listen to the guitar and tell me this song isn't awesome. You can't.

I can't believe this wasn't even on the list! By far, greatest Zep song ever!

Should definitely be in the top twenty. Probably 'cause it isn't so popular. If more people knew about this tune, it'd be waaay higher up. Really shows a different side of them, out of the dozens they have.

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44 Tea for One Tea for One

Have to agree simply amazing, check out Joe Bonamassa's cover possibly as good if not better.

Simply Amazing! Page's guitar sings throughout the whole song and plants vocal is amazing: not to forget Bonzo and Jonesy. My favourite song on Presence.

Love the meaning, love the mood, it just traps you inside its universe

Easy top 10

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45 Four Sticks Four Sticks

Vastly underrated. Signature drumming from Bonham,great riff from Page,solid bass from Jones,and soaring vocals from Plant. Classic Zep. Should be top 10.

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46 Your Time Is Gonna Come Your Time Is Gonna Come

Bob is angry with someone here. This is never a favourite of anyone but it's one of mine. I like the change of drum patterns each time Bob sings the song title.

Why number 50? This song is arguably better than "Black Dog"!

Should be higher. Tremendous ending. - zxm

Lyin, cheatin, hurtin... That's all you seem to do... Should be in the top 15

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47 Custard Pie Custard Pie

I want a slice of this custard pie. - FearlessFreep

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48 In The Evening In The Evening

Very original introduction. Awesome through and through. It is a song to sit back and chill to. This should be higher on the list.

Very original intro with an outstanding solo.

Great song to listen to while on the highway driving at night. One of my favorites.

Should be much higher on the list.

49 Bonzo's Montreux Bonzo's Montreux
50 Down by the Seaside Down by the Seaside

I was surprised there were no comments for this song... Apart from me... I listened to this song and instantly became the fan to the phenomenon called led Zeppelin... Great chorus.. Guitar... 5/5 from me...

The song is beautiful and soulful. It's sad that this song is so low in the list. Definitely on my Led Zeppelin playlist and a song that is close to the tempo set by 'Stairway to Heaven'.

It's hard to choose the best song of Led Zeppelin but I decided that Down by the Seaside is my favorite. I love the music especially.

The rock moment gets me so hyped

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51 Candy Store Rock Candy Store Rock
52 Friends Friends

Should be a bit higher in my opinion

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53 Dancing Days Dancing Days

Robert Plant's voice at its best. Extremely underrated song. I had to pick one song and I when straight to this one. For what reasons do I think this one is the best in my book? Because of Plant's vocals and Page's unorthodox guitar melodies. Give it a good listen. You'll love it.

I really love this song the guitar is such a great sound and fits with the song so perfectly

Ranked very low definitely a top 30 song.

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54 Gallows Pole Gallows Pole

This wonderful song is unreasonably low on the list. Great ballad! Or maybe it's just me, loving it for the sad lyrics?

I'm actually offended that this song is number 43 and Kashmir Immigrant Song and Achilles Last Stand are so high.

Not even close to their best songs, but deserves to be ranked a lot higher

One of their best song

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55 Out On the Tiles Out On the Tiles

I love this song its one of the best led zeppelin songs it should be way way higher then 51

Thumbs of for the worst song of Led Zeppelin! Ok its not the worst one but it's the lower one on the list lo

This is not a normal Zep song. High energy. No story. Just straight fun rock. Almost a pop vibe. Underrated. - kpopcraze

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56 The Lemon Song The Lemon Song

One of, if not, the coolest Led Zeppelin song. The classic blues feeling and great vocals make this very top ten worthy, even though I would rate many zeppelin songs at the same level because they each carry something different, not one song is similar to another, that is the beauty of Led Zeppelin. This song was recorded live in studio, without any editing, and considering that john paul jones improvised throughout the song, simply perfection.

The biggest error on the list. Absolutely a top 5 classic!

I should have quit you, along time ago...

The ultimate Led Zeppelin bass song!

How is The Lemon Song at 79. It should be in the 20s or the 30s not the 70s. It's amazing song, first one I every heard

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57 Celebration Day Celebration Day
58 For Your Life For Your Life

Whoa, number 63? This is my second favorite of all time.

59 South Bound Saurez South Bound Saurez

Definitely not their best song - I'd chose many others beforehand. However, this one's got some of the most vital and distinguished performances Plant had to offer in his latter years with Zeppelin. His vehement phrasing is just catchy. Page's rhythm playing sounds well-timed, yet relaxed and Jonesy's piano passages perfectly add to the song's uplifting timbre. To me, it captures the optimistic spirit the band would regain after their disastrous '77 tour and before/within their Tour over Europe '80.
Besides, some

60 I'm Gonna Crawl I'm Gonna Crawl

another song that a lot of people overlook, it is a love song like no other. Robert Plant's lyrics are so deep and the slow tempo is just too perfect! the last ten seconds are very emotional to me cause Robert says his final line "Im gonna crawl... " then its followed by John Paul Jones' beautiful mellotron, this is the very last song on their last studio album and although the ending is amazing, it just doesn't feel right for led zeppelin's ending.
R.I.P John Bonham

Great combination of Zeppelin's classic sound with an orchestra. Very underrated.

Another of Zeppelin's blues songs. Again, awesome.

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