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81 Hot Dog

This is so much underrated!
Probably it's not a top 10 song, not even a top 20 song, but it's still an amazing song!

Great song, not one for the purists but their loss.

How is this last?! It grows on you after listening to it a few times.

All Led zeppelin's songs are masterpiece including Bron-Y-Aur or Candy Store Rock - malamJONES

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82 Black Mountain Side

Come on people, this is good

83 You Shook Me

You can hear the 'real talent' of Robert Plant. Seriously, he's got the best voice in the earth. The guitar, harmonica and clavier are amazing too.

This deserves to be much higher

How is this so low?


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84 The Crunge

Really great work with the unusual time signature, and ultimately an extremely catchy song.

85 Royal Orleans

73? One of my favorites.

86 Black Country Woman

Hey hey mama, why is this song so low?

It's so low because its led zeppelin? All their songs are good. In fact this is better than all the songs that are played nowadays

How has no one put this amazing song on here yet.

I love this song so much

87 Bonzo's Montreux
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