Since I've Been Loving You


Without sounding cheesy, this is the strongest, most touching song I know. This is why I love music, and this is why I keep playing music. Electric bluesrock at it's finest. - pageplant

Definitely gives you the blues vibe that really inspired some of led zeppelins best long "epics" the lyrics and vocals are some of plants most screechy but they convey the message of the song well, pages guitar really layers in imagery, while jones bass and bong and drums keep things moving smoothly and intricately. Makes you picture Robert plant in a dark empty room on stage with a spotlight, camera shows you different angles while page Bonham and jones are in blue spotlight

This blues track has opened my eyes (ears haha) to blues rock. The LIVE versions more particularly. Plant's pleading voice and how his wails chill the body and make you shiver. Page's guitar work, and the way it screams in pain, his guitar cries for you. Jones' ghostly keyboard backing everything and giving the track a more ominous feel. Bonzo's drum fills and drive take this track and bring it all together.

This is my number one. I have seen them overwhelm entire audiences with this song live twice and both times I was near the speakers. The voice, Page, Bonham, ALL of the sound and feeling together transports to indescribable levels of imagination and feeling. My wish was (at the time) that every person could hear this song as did I, live. Now, we have to settle for soundtracks and dream of it, I know, but thank goddess, for the blessing

I saw these guys up close/backstage do this in 1970 in Memphis. I didn't realize I was witnessing legends. Somebody I knew got me up close. At 17 years old, this episode got me experienced! I love them still. I'm not sure which song I would put number one. I'll never forget Page on the violin bow on "Ramble on" and 'Dazed and Confused' that was a 20 minute song. Wow! Barry Henson in Atlanta. Unreal!

Lyrics are desperate, but Page's guitar in this song makes me horny, there is something strange! First time I've heard this song I was in my car, it was night, I only remember that I was parking but I didn't want to turn off the radio because I was falling in love with this song. I didn't exit from my car until this perfect music was finished. Pure orgasm

Seldom if ever has there been such emotive synergy between lead instrument/ vocals/ rhythm section. A truly complete experience set up from the first phrase - solo guitar for one bar to set the song up, then bass & drums so moody and dark, all under an epic vocal performance, topped off with a blistering guitar solo. All the elements in perfect harmony.

99.8% of the music in my library I "listen" to. This song I "feel". Absolutely amazing vocals and drums, and out of this world guitar! Start to finish, every second if this song is PERFECT. I understand stairway has to be number. But for me, without a doubt hands down this is my favorite zeppelin song AND the best song I've ever heard... Ever... Period!

Hey guys, what the hell have happened, that this song disappeared from top 5? Led Zeppelin is the number one of '60-'70s. It is obvious that Pink Floyd, The doors, The beatles, Black Sabbath have also prepared their historical albums, but Zeppelin's first. Almost all the songs they have written gives sth special to the people, who listen to them. Otherwise, 1. -Stairway to heaven, 2. -Achilles last stand, 3. -Kashmir, 4. -Since I've been loving you, 5. -Immigrant song,. That is the first 5 hits, at least that's my oppinion. I hope who has the same imagination of Since I've been loving you's unrightful position, will obviously vote it up.

One of the greatest vocal performances ever recorded. "Since I've Been Loving You" is what makes Led Zeppelin I stand any chance of being mentioned in the same breath as the other, more superior, Led Zeppelins I, II and IV.

The best song ever. The mixture of Page's guitar licks with Plant's amazing voice make everything about "Since I've been loving You" pure perfection It's so good I literally can't stand it. I listen to it three or for times a week for the last thirty years!

Best mix ever of Page's guitar, Bonham's drums, and Plant's vocals. Page just went nuts on the guitar solo on this here. And Plant went crazy on the vocals at the end. How could you possibly vote for any other song as the best ever?

It starts as a dark pain creeping in building up the tension: exploding at the end with wave-like rolls drowning the listener...
All is done with all music power available: the subtle guitar blueslick in the beginning, the powerchord refrain and jazzy turnaraound. Emotional lead vocals and drums like an earthquaking heartbeat...
The dramatic change from c minor to c major and back near the end is in one word brilliant with vocals expressing despair up to a level of insanity.
Only this insanity breaks up the tension for just a single moment... Coming back and finally ending in acceptance and defeat.

From the first time I heard it untill now the song catches me completely every time. In my humble opinion it is a classic song though it hasnt't got the appreciation it deserves. Real beauty is far from the madding crowd?

Featuring an incredible solo by Jimmy Page, this blues rock number off Led Zeppelin III also features John Paul Jones on the Hammond organ. Since it allowed room for on-the-spot creativity and experimation, "Since I've Been Loving You" was often played in concert. The band used it not only to show off their musical talents but also to express their appreciation for the blues.

The most feel in any Led Zeppelin song I have ever heard. Page's solo was amazing, Plant's vocals too were amazing, and the drums and organ adding more flavor to the song. It's a bit disappointing this songs ranking is not higher.

You can hear it a first time without repeating it. But when you listen it for the second time, you will want to rear it every time for the rest of your day. I think when I reached my 'second time' I listen it for at least 10 times again.

The greatest blues song written by a white man. I get the chills every time that I listen to it. It has inspired me to learn the guitar and I have fallen in love with the guitar as Jimmy has.

Always has been and always will be their greatest track. All four musicians at the top of their game, each contributing a vital part to this overall work of genius... Has me in tears whenever I listen to it.

The sexiest song ever - when it plays in my headphones, I am literally on the heaven. This voice accompanied with the quitar solos - it blows my mind and makes me wanna scream from excitement. Best thing EVER! Even these words can't express my admiration of this masterpiece.

I absolutely adore this song, a Jazz core with a little touch of rock and Zeppelin. The vocals go along with the guitar incredibly. Sure it's not as good as Stairway to Heaven but it's one heck of a song.

Tough call really. But this one came before Stairway, and is actually better!
Also love Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog and Rock & Roll.
Kashmir and Achilles is way to high on the list imo.

This song exemplifies the heavy blues and raw emotion that Led Zeppelin specializes in. Perfectly meshes a slow feel with arena-shaking crescendos and crooning lows. It's amazing.

Led Zeppelin in their prime! Fantastic from all angles. Page plays angelically, Plant sings with maximum intensity, and Bonham's drumming is the watermark of Zeppelin's perfection.

The buildup of tempo and intensity throughout this song is just off the charts and carries you along like no other song. Each member of the band plays their part in perfect unison.

Just sublime. Rediscovered this years later. I'd seen Zep at the tender age of 18 at Knebworth, but forgot this was in the playlist. The one album I didn't own. Listening to Allan 'Fluff' Freeman one saturday afternoon when he played this. Many great evenings drinking whiskey with friends since deconstructing this. Still utterly magnificent, and a stunning performance from all concerned. Splitting out the individual performances - Wow.