Stairway to Heaven


I remember listening to this song for the first time. I heard of it being highly praised just about everywhere and wanted to check it out. I wasn't too impressed (shame on me) but after a couple of days it somehow came up to my mind again and I decided to give it another shot. And I started listening to it again, and again, and again. It just felt like it got better every time I listen to it. The slow intro with Paige's magical riff, leading you to Plant's harmonious vocals, and then Bonzo takes it over with his amazing drumming skills. And I think we all feel the same about what comes next: THE guitar solo! Jimmy Paige delivering not only his but also the world's very best. It is the perfect transition into the hard rock ending of Stairway to Heaven which still blows my mind every time I listen to it. So thank you Zep for teaching me the value of music.

This is obviously the best rock and roll song in history, but I hope this song will not be forgotten. Because some of that rap/hip-hop/or other than relating rock (or metal) modern music and artists, which are awful in my opinion, that had taken over, I heard that rock is dying. But this song will not keep me from changing my likes on rock and roll, and this song is like the heart of rock and roll, and let's us hope or do something in order for it to stay alive. I like this song very well, and I hope the stairway to heaven stays like this in history for a long time...

This is by far the best Led Zeppelin song that they'd ever written. The guitar solo at the end is always the part I'm waiting for. The intro with acoustic guitar and flute starts off quiet, and then Plant's voice comes in. And after about 5 minutes of the song, John Bonham comes in with the drums, and THEN, Jimmy Page's solo. During a live concert, they extended the solo to make it 4 minutes long, and that was awesome. Stairway To Heaven definitely deserves to be Number 1 on the charts, and it's never gonna get old.

Clocking in at just over 8 minutes long, this folk and hard rock number may be the band's most famous song. Thanks to Page's complex guitar work and Plant's unique singing style, "Stairway to Heaven" isn't only one of Led Zeppelin's finest songs but also one of the greatest songs in rock and roll. It wasn't even released as a single, but still its haunting lyrics, memorable guitar solo and multiple musical sections have left an immeasurable and all-encompassing influence on later artists.

Man this is one hell of a song. The best song ever by the best band ever. The feeling is orgasmic. But, it is good to be warned before listening to this song, 'cause it's quite addictive. One you start listening and liking the song, you'll love it eventually. This song is truly a drug to me as it is for all rock fans in this world. The lyrics is something out of the world, each one has his own view on it. But, it is something you should listen to before you die...

This song changed the way I listen to music forever; it was the first time I really felt emotions in music, the first time it touched my heart, not just my mind. A peaceful start that builds up to a climactic ending in the way that is done in this song is what makes it the best, in my opinion. Stairway to Heaven was my absolute favorte song (from any artist) for about three years. I was very stubborn about it too. Led Zeppelin changed my music category, and then, a few years later, Pink Floyd pushed me even further. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my two favorite bands. - Led_Rush_Floyd

That's the greatest song ever made. I love jimmy page and robert plant.

This song is about a woman who is addicted to drugs hence the reason why she is seeing god, when she says she wants to buy a stairway to heaven that means buying drugs which lead her to god, then the May Queen is a god of fertility and she is whoring herself out to guys for money for drugs.

This song is the perfect combination of pages complex guitar work and plants unmatchable vocals. It includes many styles and the song kind of escalates as it goes on. The lyrics are beautiful and lets not forget about the solo which is considered to be one of the best solos ever. I could never do justice just by writing a paragraph about this song.

Love the whole composition of this song! Love how it transitions from rhythm to rhythm and the lyrics are simply wonderful too! Led Zeppelin were so ahead of their time! John Bonham is also an amazing drummer in this song too! Jimmy Pages guitar riffs are kick ass too! Songs like this make you really wonder what Led Zeppelin would've accomplished hadn't John Bonham died :(

There are three key ingredients that make this song amazing. Firstly, the chord progression is absolutely wonderful. Secondly, the solo is easily one of the best solos in rock history (if not the best). Thirdly, the ending riff is totally addictive. If you add in the element of counter-intuitive structure ( technically there is no refrain! ) then you can understand how this song became legendary.

This is the best rock song in the whole entire world! Nothing in the world can beat it, none of this new rubbish can. It will live on to be a classic for ever and live longer that anyone reading this. Agreeing with all the other comment posted!

Love it a lot!

Wow.. I'm surprised this only got 15%. With the slowly quickening pace... the INCREDIBLE guitar solo by one of the best guitarists of all time... and finally, the head-banging heaven at the end... blended all into one amazing mixture of all good aspects of any song... this one DEFINITELY deserves my vote.

My story. This is a song when lead singer Robert Plant tells a story about a lady buys a stairway to heaven. With Jimmy Page's beautiful guitar playing and John Bonham rockin' out on the drums, this is without a doubt the best led zeppelin song, the best rock song ever, and one of the best songs ever.

This song takes me back to the medioeval times in Europe where oppression and injustice from monarchy was rampant. It gave enough material for the then writers of history to chant in poetry and adding tones the sufferings of the regular commoner. I learned medioeval history while in high school and it made me a romantic of the middle ages. I remember seeing the injustice and the on the weekend I (my buddies and I) ran to the movies to see Errol Flynn and the likes take care of justice. It made me a romantic of the poetry being expressed and the bearer of the hopeful promise that your inner sense of justice promised.

I heard this song at 12 am and went to sleep at 4 am. I was listening to the track again and again. Jimmy page was so so good... He is my god... And so was robert plant his was was heavenly... "and the forests will echo with laughter" the way plant uses his voice in that part is heavenly... And the background music troughout the song, right from the beginning creates a feeling of mystery in the air... This songs always makes my thought to fly away...

See when you listen to stair way to heaven you start of this is too slow even thought its great then you reach the solo not only do you change your mind you feel like throwing your other records away and just hitting replay and if you don't you are messed in the head because hands down best song EVER

This song made me feel something I hadn't felt before. I don't know how to describe it but every time I go back to this song the feeling is still there. After all these years I still haven't found anything else that makes me feel the way this song made me feel, it's a special song.

Ah yes, the legendary song that almost everybody has heard, this song is so spectacular. it starts off calm and soothing but within every minute the song picks up momentum and then Jimmy Page's guitar solo kicks in... by the end of this song you are already drawn into it and the momentum

Just love the feel... Its taking you to a magical world full of peace and joy... Guys should not listen the song with any player other that the Ipod.. Only then you can enjoy the beauty and every single line and depth of the heavenly song.. Led zeppelin... Hats off! Respecto!

The lyrics aren't lyrics. They are a portal in which if you listen to the song you will go through the portal to somewhere you've always wanted to be. This song did that for me, and it should for anyone who listens to it. Led Zeppelin's best piece of artwork.

Greatest song ever should obviously be led zeppelin's greatest song as well. Just amazing, at first you might think it's bad, and then get hooked, as it is with every great thing in life. Greatest song of all time, the solo and riff and lyrics are iconic. Greatest band of all time.

This was the first Led Zeppelin song that I had ever heard, and it is my favorite song of all time. I feel that it encompasses all elements of rock and roll. When I heard plant sing for the first time after the guitar solo, I literally did a double take at my music player.

This is a perfect music between the other rock music, I believed this music because it have perfect poem, perfect harmonic, perfect vocal (Robert Plant Voice), I like this music because it make me relax in difficult situation and in the end I just can say I LOVE IT

Every time I listen to this song after having weed. And I can feel every tone everything, imagine myself on a stairway to heaven...
After that, that creation! That solo! That thing! Makes me just a crazy fella! I can't help me... Just wanna listen it every time... Every weed time...

Being talented and being an artist is a different thing altogether... This for me is the greatest piece of art ever... Music better than anything ever, and the lyrics are straight from the heaven... Greater than Mozart's melodies, or frost's poems...