Trampled Under Foot


Show me another band where their 36th best rated song is this good.

You can't

Justin Bieber won't have one song in his entire career this good.

Are you kidding? Robert Plant stated that this was one of his favorite Led Zeppelin songs. This is one of the most underrated songs ever.

So many to choose from, but for me this is their best. However I dare say we are splitting hairs, it should be higher on this list for sure

It just says so much about Led Zeppelin that this song could be their 31st best song... Which still doesn't justify why it's so low. It is top 15.

Holy crap 42 this is probably in my top 5, tell me you don't feel some groove stirring up inside you whenever this song comes on.

This is one of Robert Plant's favorite Zeppelin songs, it goes by it self.

Best guitar/keyboard combo there is and such good work by them, needs to be higher up!

Very catchy riff. Got to be in top 10. But then so many contenders up there :). Still...

THE RIFF JUST GETS ME GOING and pumps me up to a level only Led Zeppelin can

Definitely a top 10 song. What the hell is wrong with you people?!?

One of the best - uncompromising, go ahead, sharp sword...

This is a great song. It had that Funky feel into it.

Oh, wow. This must be a joke. This song is Top 10.

Are you kidding me? This song is the bomb!

Great song! Should be way higher than 41!

This is my third favorite Led Zep tune. I voted for it because it deserves a much higher spot than 37.

This should be in the top ten. Amazing piano played by Jonesy and Plant's powerful vocals make it aclassic. A must listen son with amazing Lyrics...

This isn't my favourite Led Zeppelin song, but it's in my top five and I'm voting for it because it NEEDS to be higher! A rock band makes a funk song and it turns out epic. This is the catchiest song I've heard in a LONG while. These are my top 5 Led Zeppelin songs:

5. Trampled Under Foot (this one)
4. Immigrant Song
3. Black Dog
2. Stairway to Heaven
1. Kashmir

For those that don't like this song, Whole Lotta Love is my number six by the way. JUST SAYINg...