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Disco Devil Disco Devil Cover Art

This is just the best song to put in jamaica while you're on the beachside. The most calmed sites in the whole world... Thanks to remind me this beautiful song...

One of the best Reggae songs with No Woman, No Cry by the legendary Bob Marley.

Better than Roast Fish & Cornbread and Money Come and Money Go

This song to pleasure me and stole my disco skills on

Money Come and Money Go Money Come and Money Go Cover Art

This song reminds me a lot of Loki from Thor

This is my wallet's song

This song stoles my soul every time I listen it

One of this guy's bests, I agree.

Roast Fish & Cornbread Roast Fish & Cornbread Cover Art

Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread is a studio album by Lee Perry, released in 1978. Although Perry had been in the Jamaican music business for a long time by 1978, this album, produced by himself at his Black Ark studio, was the first to consist entirely of songs sung by himself. The album is very experimental.

Island Records, that had released earlier Lee Perry productions like Super Ape and War Ina Babylon, rejected the album. This angered Perry and his relationship with the record company got worse.

I Am a Madman I Am a Madman Cover Art

Best by Lee Perry and one of the most hard working reggae jam songs ever in the top tens such a good song I really have to recommend it.

Best song by Lee in my opinion, sucha' catchy thing which it deserves more attention and should be number 1 because is so great until the end of reggae and ska songs (all)

thius is an awesome song with awesome and unforgettable lyrics on my point of view!

This song gotta' be number 1, believe or not... it is simply one of the most productive Jamaican Ska/andReggae tracks ever! a masterpiece.

Having a Party Having a Party Cover Art
Panic in Babylon Panic in Babylon Cover Art

¡this song was one of my biggest experiences along the during concert fully of much people in 2012 back in there!
Also I can't be sure of why this cannot be added on the list if is a good song.

This surely a song to Top 5 it's a good song! Come on, give it a chance.

I'm sure this is the song with the best live performance ever.

Panic at the Disco! would love this song if it just were a bit 58% famous.

Kojak Kojak Cover Art
Rastafari Rastafari Cover Art

This is one of his best, it's a motivating and an a unlostable Reggae song to me. - CedreticFomento

Shivigon gon-un goun gang- terrence trun

Secret Laboratory Secret Laboratory Cover Art
Dread Locks Dread Locks Cover Art
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Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Cover Art
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