Best Left 4 Dead 2 Zombies

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1 Hunter

You just can't beat the classic hunter a good allrounder fun as hell to play and you can do massive damage with one pounce. My favorite, now this list is for the "best" zombies, clearly people chose their favorite because of course tank should have been number one for obvious reasons

Hunter Are the Cooles off all zombies

I like hunter in left4 dead 2 or 1 his rilly cool

2 Tank

They can actually die due to frustration.

My firt encounter with a tank: "Holy s**t, holy s**t, holy s**t! " Love to beat these zombies... but hate to fight 'em. - fireinside96

ya don't wana piss these guys off
- piggy24

3 Boomer

I love exploding all my boom juice in the survivor's faces, especially Rochelle's. - andrewkew

God I hate Boomers SO much, I can never stop them from barfing me.

4 Charger

It's enjoyable when you playing the charger!

5 Witch

The first time I was near a witch I was thinking I'm about to die and the suspense from the cry's just make's you scared like holy s* then when you startle one of the witches it's almost over for you

Laugh out loud.. You're dead

She is bad a**

Not in two but one it scaired the heck out of me I thought it was someone becase I never saw trailer or read how to play so I went up to her and looked I put my sights on her and she tuned with glowing red eyes it scaired the crap out of me and made me shoot so she slashed me and started ripping me up. I died so I just tuned it off by far best infected also where is the spitter in this list she is my second favorite to play behind tank

6 Smoker

These things are... Well, no to hard. They look cool :D

Smoker. Is a sticky infecked

7 Jockey
8 Spitter

She does lots of damage, shoots from far away, and leave a pool of acid when killed

The uggly chick that spits a

9 Common Infected Dressed As Clowns
10 Common Infected Inside Radiation Suits

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11 Common Infected Inside Padded Poilce Uniforms
12 Common Infected

THe WoRsT oNe! 1! 1111! 1

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