Best Leftist Groups and Movements


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1 Civil Rights Movement

This one was actually good - Randomator

One of the only good ones. - PackFan2005

This is a historical movement in the US that was at its height in the 1950s and 1960s. It focused on ending segregation and discrimination against Africans Americans and other people of color. Its legislative achievements include the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. - Y2K

2 The Occupy Movement

This movement focuses on reversing economic inequality by challenging corporate power and improving democracy. Supporters of this movement typically oppose major cuts to government social programs.

It originally started as Occupy Wall Street, then spread around the world. Its slogan is "we are the 99%," and it has been said to inspire people to support Bernie Sanders for president. - Y2K

I agree with their goal but some of the members in the group aren't all that good. - DarkBoi-X

3 Women's Liberation Movement

This was the "second wave" of feminism in the 2nd half of the 20th century. It fought against sexism and male domination in societies around the world. - Y2K

4 Medicare for All

Medicare for all is both a policy and a movement in support of transforming the US healthcare system to something like Canada's healthcare system, in which the US government funds healthcare costs for everyone using tax revenues. - Y2K

I definitely agree with them.Many people are dying because they can't afford medicare. - DarkBoi-X

5 Animal Rights Movement

The animal rights movement fights for animals and against animal abuse, particularly in factory farming, which kills billions of animals every year. - Y2K

So they’re basically PETA? That explains a lot - Randomator

6 Fight for $15

This is a movement in support of increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and they have succeeded in cities across the US. - Y2K

Honestly this could be kinda bad because if minimum wage increases then people won't be willing to work as hard because they will be earning more money anyway. - Randomator

7 Youth Rights Movement

While this movement is quite small, it is focused on liberating young people who are restricted by age of majority laws, and prevented from exercising autonomy and participating in society. This movement was given a small boost by the youth-led gun safety movement March for Our Lives. - Y2K

8 Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter

This culturally impactful movement protests police brutality and racism against black people. Typically they organize demonstrations when racist cops are let off the hook after killing black people. - Y2K

This is pretty much a hate group who protests brutality with brutality. Also ironically, they claim to fight racism, when it is evidently clear that they are racist themselves. Terrible group who thinks that they don't matter just for attention. Liberals these days. - PackFan2005

Some people in this group are racists but most people in BLM just want to end police brutality. - DarkBoi-X

9 Our Revolution

This is a group started by Bernie Sanders that supports progressive candidates for political office. - Y2K

10 Greenpeace

The Contenders

11 The Labor Movement

The labor movement took off in the 19th century, in reaction to the terrible working conditions after the industrial revolution. Workers around the world (including the US) fought for strong unions, shorter work days, a living wage, ending child labor, and safe, well-regulated working conditions. - Y2K

12 Democratic Socialists of America

What has our country come to? - PackFan2005

Get this higher. - DarkBoi-X

13 Antifa

Even DarkBoi the Trump Hater hates it, once again, NO! - Maddox121

14 Fair Trade Movement

This movement believes in improving social, economic, and environmental conditions as a precondition for international trade, and in improving the economic power of exploited workers and marginalized developing countries. - Y2K

16 Socialist International
17 Cap the Gap

This incipient movement is for banning government contracts for corporations that have a large wage gap between executives and the average worker. - Y2K

18 Anti-Vietnam War Movement
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