Top 10 Accredited Investors in UK

The Top Ten
1 Knightsbridge Ventures

Knightsbridge Ventures is with extensive experience across direct and indirect real estate investment. They encourage US Accredited/High Net Worth investment into off market.

2 Henley Investments

To work in long-term relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and have suitable niche business opportunities to grow and be excel in our work

3 Tristan Capital Partners

They are real estate investment management boutique with 105 staff combine continuity and experience with judgment and a reputation for execution and delivering to our clients.

4 Apache Capital Partners

Apache Capital Partners with 30 years real estate and investment industry experience and expertise in capital raising, acquisitions, structuring, financing, asset management and operations.

5 George Capital

George Capital acquires and manages commercial properties outside London. They seek strong residual asset value within the real estate

6 Ducalian Capital

They are real estate and finance professionals who provide investors with opportunities to participate in the growth of individual business ventures that directly benefit them as shareholders.

7 Clearbell

They do the acquisition of commercial and residential property, active asset management and real estate development with the highly experienced Experts team

8 Westrock

Private real estate investment and development company who invest throught these three core businesses: Westrock Capital, Westrock Asset Management, and Westrock Development.

9 Frogmore

They are fully integrated real estate investment manager who create and enhance income-producing assets through active value creation and extensive knowledge of local markets.

10 Moorfield

They have been investing in the UK real estates for over 21 years and their key philosophy is the recognition that our customers require more from their real estate than just a building and location

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