Top Ten Bankruptcy Lawyers In St. Louis

Overwhelmed with debt? A bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you eliminate or reduce debt and get your finances back on track. However, when money is tight, choosing the best bankruptcy attorney for your case is crucial. You want to find a balance between affordability, experience, and accountability. Below are ten of the best-rated bankruptcy lawyers in the St. Louis area. If you're looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Southern Illinois, some of these lawyers also practice in Southern Illinois.
The Top Ten
1 A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC

As the name suggests, A Bankruptcy Law Firm, LLC exclusively handles bankruptcy cases. This exclusive focus ensures you're getting a specialized lawyer who truly understands bankruptcy law, rather than a generalist. The lead attorney, Michael Benson, is both a licensed attorney and a CPA, so he understands finance beyond just the legal aspects of bankruptcy.

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2 The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken

Attorney Jennifer Alter-Rieken knows how tough it is to deal with overwhelming financial burdens. Her law office works to provide expert advice and personalized service in your time of need. Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney is a difficult decision, and Attorney Alter-Rieken ensures working with her is a good fit before proceeding.

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3 Law Office of James B. Day

Before opening his own law practice, James B. Day spent eight years working for a bankruptcy trustee. Attorney Day is very knowledgeable when it comes to bankruptcy and genuinely wants to help. He has represented both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy cases, making him experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy.

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4 Stone, Leyton & Gershman, A Professional Corporation

The attorneys at Stone, Leyton & Gershman combine experience with careful analysis in handling bankruptcy cases. This is important, as even the smallest details can have a significant impact on your case. They are available to serve both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy cases.

5 Dixon & Johnston Law Office

The bankruptcy lawyers at Dixon & Johnston are highly seasoned legal professionals. While not exclusively a bankruptcy law firm, they only handle two other practice areas outside of bankruptcy, making them specialists in bankruptcy cases nonetheless.

6 The Lampin Law Firm

The Lampin Law Firm handles a wide array of different cases, including bankruptcy. When you work with Lampin, you'll receive individual attention and full transparency regarding your case.

7 The Lichtenegger Law Firm

The Lichtenegger Law Firm takes pride in being a forward-looking law firm. They work to solve your problems today, but they also aim to prevent future problems. If you're truly looking for a fresh start from debt, this is a firm worth considering.

8 Daniels Law Office

The Daniels Law Office is based in Rolla, MO, but serves clients throughout Missouri. Due to COVID, they have expanded their remote consultation offerings, allowing you to conduct your bankruptcy consultation from the comfort of your own home. The attorneys at Daniels Law Office will treat you like family, and you'll be in good hands with them.

9 Tarry Law Firm, L.L.C.

Tarry Law Firm specializes more in Chapter 7 bankruptcies than in Chapter 13 bankruptcies. So, that is something to be aware of. However, if you're in need of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they understand the gravity of the situation and will work to reduce and eliminate debt for you.

10 Jimerson Law Firm

The Jimerson Law Firm has been helping clients for over 34 years. While their main focuses are personal injury and criminal defense, they still handle bankruptcy cases. If you decide to retain Jimerson Law Firm for your bankruptcy case, they will bring 34 years of experience to the table.

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