Best Los Angeles Law Firms

The Top Ten
1 Employment Lawyers Group

This firm began practicing employee labor law before most of the firms now around. They only represent employees on a contingency without any upfront fees and costs. The principal has won 45/47 of the binding arbitrations and trials he has first-chaired. Overall, the firm has won more than 1,600 employee lawsuits.

2 Girardi & Keese

Thomas Girardi is a reknown trial lawyer. He has handled many high profile personal injury cases. This firm has the resources to take on large disputes such as the Dodger beating case.

3 Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt

This is the top divorce firm in Los Angeles. They often represent celebrities with Family Law problems.

4 Myles L. Berman, Esq.

Prolific DUI defense lawyer. You can't miss his advertisements on the radio!

5 Jeffrey Hagen, Esq.

Top consumer bankruptcy lawyer. Many years of experience with many consumer bankruptcies.

6 Marlin & Saltzman

This consumer class action firm really goes to bat for their clients. They are willing to take on difficult cases and challenges while appealing court decisions if necessary.

7 Asherson, Klein, Darbinian

An immigration law firm with upscale clients and numerous attorneys often selected in lists as leaders in their field.

8 Benjamim Reznik, Esq.

Mr. Reznik has been at the forefront of Los Angeles land use for many decades. He is an expert on San Fernando Valley zoning.

9 Johnathan Cole, Esq.

Nemeck & Cole always appear on the top lists for professional liability insurance defense lawyers. They are lawyers for doctors and lawyers who are sued for malpractice.

10 Horvitz & Levy

This top appellate law firm is located in Encino, California. Unfortunately their prices are a little steep and they generally represent business, but if you can get them to take on your appeal you are in good hands!

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