Best Legend of Korra Villains


The Top Ten

1 Amon Amon

Legend of Korra really had something going with this character. He was a believable villain with a solid backstory and reasoning on why he was doing what he was doing. He brought up a lot of points about how non-benders would feel that wasn't explored in Aang's story. If they had only made Amon the overall villain of the entire series like Last Airbender had with the Fire Lord then Korra would've been so much better. - NerdBunny

Scary, mysterious, charismatic, powerful, and given a pitch-perfect backstory. Kuvira comes close, but Amon is simple the coolest villain on this show. - Phenenas

2 Unalaq
3 Zaheer
4 Vatuu

The embodiment of all the evil in the world.

Cruelest by far. Very powerful and scary.

5 Kuvira

I believe that she should be one because she almost caused the entire Earth Empire to crumble and that includes the rest of the world. To be honest if she captured Republic city she would have kept going after the Earth Empire. - SeandeLlama

6 Tarrlok
7 Tarrlok
8 The Lieutenant
9 Ghazan
10 Yakone

The Contenders

11 Ming Hua

I adore this villain. Sure, she didn’t have that much development, but she deserved better!

12 Desna

Not even a jillian but I can she where you would get that impression. - SeandeLlama

13 Varrick
14 P'li
15 Eska
16 Kuvira
17 Ghazan
18 Ming Hua
19 P'li
20 Earth Queen
21 Baatar jr.
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