Top Ten Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Bosses

The Top Ten

1 Trinexx
2 Ganon

Ganon is simply the boss that represents the entire game and probably the entire 2D Zelda

How is he not #1? - Nickdc

3 Helmasaur King

I love how when you beat him, his tail blows up and then his whole body!

I absolutely love this guy! You get to hammer off his helmet and strike him in the eye!

4 Blind
5 Agahnim
6 Lanmolas
7 Vitreous

He is extremely easy and simple to beat! I feel he should of been a boss in the beginning of the game.

My brother can beat this boss, and he sucks at video games. - Nickdc

8 Arrghus
9 Armos Knights
10 Kholdstare

The Contenders

11 Mothula
12 Moldorm

Yeah, I see why this is last place, this boss is so frustrating, every time I want to replay this game, I have to think about it first because I hate the Moldorm boss. - Nickdc

Uhh, this guy is impossible

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