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1 Koloktos (Skyward Sword) Koloktos (Skyward Sword)

Turns out he's a 5 year old girl after all...

Skyward Sword may be the black sheep to many, but it still holds number one in many departments.

Definitely one of the more appealing boss battles of Skyward Sword, Koloktos was a great boss battle, legit was so satisfying to hit him with the massive sword you get from him, he definitely fitted with the dungeon atmosphere (Ancient Cistern). It also uses the newly acquired dungeon item whip to good use as well, overall great boss battle with good theme, the laugh he does at the end is pretty creepy though.

I lone this boss. You beat him with his own weapon. And the fact that he destroys his own minions and doesn't even care. Too bad he was a 6 year old girl all along

2 Zant (Twilight Princess) Zant (Twilight Princess) Zant is the usurper king of twilight and is the main villain of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Awesome. His boss fight is awesome and a great villain! (Ghirahim is better though)

The battle against the Usurper King Zany is my pick for the best in the series. For a start the build up was phenomenal, and if you were anything like me you wanted to slash at him with your sword from the moment you saw him. Seeing him losing it when he fails to get his own way is a favourite moment of mine. At first I found it hilarious but looking back, it doesn't make him a bad villain, but shows that even the calmest people will go crazy if their plan goes completely wrong. Anyway, on to the battle, and is it awesome? You bet it is! It has no less than 6 phases. 6! In the first 5 phases he will teleport you to the arenas where you fought some earlier bosses and minibosses and you have to use similar tactics to defeat Zant as you did for those bosses. But the 6th Phase. Zant will warp you over to Hyrule Castle and goes full-on mental. He will become extremely aggressive and you have block his attacks with the shield and wait until he gets tired to slash at him. Even the music ...more

A speech from the Ruler of Twilight... WWWAYYYAAHHH! RRAAA!

This was my very favorite zelda boss

3 Twinrova (Ocarina of Time)

AWESOME! The creativity is excellent.

How the hell is twinrova sexy!? - Tisme_draGON

In the second phase all you have to do is target her and hold out your shield and then slash her when she's stunned

I wasn't expecting phase 2! But anyway, here's how kill them.
You simply reflect there attacks in phase one, You hit the ice witch with fire magic from the fire witch and vice versa, on phase 2 you have to block her attacks about 3 times (I think) and when the power is at max it fires a beam onto her, that'll leave her vulnerable for attacks, so just slash away! - aarond9010

4 Stallord (Twilight Princess)


You get to use the BEST item in the game to fight him... and I challenge you to say the spinner isn't the best item ever

Stallord was very fun, especially with a game of ping-pong. I even added him to my made-up game, The Legend of Zelda: Lost Hero. My invented game is only within my papers and mind. Tell what you think of my game. It's lost hero because everyone forgot who Link is thanks to Vaati, Demise, and Ganondorf. Navi, Midna, and Fi will help you on your adventure. It has at least 14 bosses.

Attacking his spinal column with one of the best items in the game was fun, then it all comes down to you riding on the walls trying to destroy his skull. - aarond9010

5 Ganon (Ocarina of Time)

Ocarina of Time is considered by lots of people to be the best video game of all time, and it all built up to this final confrontation. The presentation of the last stage of the fight was awesome with flame around the stage and lightning in the background. The fact that beast Ganon's body is so dark and you have his piercing green eyes staring you down along with his two giant golden swords slashing at you. Just because Skyward Sword bosses had fancy gimmicks doesn't make them better. Not saying they were all bad, but seriously koloktos just looked kinda like a dopey action figure. Defeating Ganon was far more rewarding and losing the master sword at the beginning was far more suspenseful.

I love how you can attack canon with multiple weapons, and its more of a fight to beat him then a puzzle like other bosses like bongo bongo. you actually get to find any means necessary to beat up canon. wether that be dins fire, the megaton hammer, deku nuts, hookshot, arrows, you name it.

Looks very difficult to beat, especially if he's the last boss! If has a section of Ganondorf then he must be really strong

An amazing boss to finish a truly outstanding game. The whole game was building up to this point and it didn't disappoint.

6 Bongo Bongo (Ocarina of Time)

The guy is plain creepy due to that sound he keps making until you realize he's THE ONE MAKING THE SOUND. If I could make a final boss this guy would be it.

Why not I mean he's fun and pretty easy

Most Creative boss fight

7 Majora (Majora's Mask)

This boss is by the far the best final boss of any 3d zelda game.

I had the Bunny Hood equipped in this battle. Thank god I did! - higgsboson2142

It's a good battle.

This is actually my second favorite so I chose this on because bellum isn’t on the list so can someone add him

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8 Goht (Majora's Mask)

What other Zelda boss is more of a race than a fight?

I love the Goht battle, as I also like the Goht's design. Should be number 1.

Ghirahim Battle 3 is way better than Goht.

Gohtta vote for this guy - Lord28

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9 Phantom Ganon (Ocarina of Time)

He looks way cooler than the real ganondorf because of the staff!

Link: Hey Ganon You wanna play doubles next time?

Hey can we be friends. You have hot jokes, bro

Love his staff that shoots the bolts! Lol

10 Dark Link (Ocarina of Time)

Gimme that Biggoron Sword and I'll carve him like roasted cucco

Dark link is the best boss ever!

Although not a true boss, he was the most challenging yet fun enemy in the game.

It's a mini boss, but he's FUN! - aarond9010


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11 Helmaroc King (Wind Waker)

This boss was so epic. It has to phases. The first one you just have to run away from him while he is destroying everything in sight. Then you have to use your awesome skull hammer to crush its beak

Your finally facing off with Ganon's Colossal pet bird. Epic!

So darned emotional and satisfying.

It's just fun! I love it

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12 Gohma

That's discuting

She poops eggs out of her cake hole

Ol' Queenie is awesome. She has a cool, creepy look and is the first boss that prepares Link for his journey to become the Hero of Time - ShuhBanggg

13 Molgera (Wind Waker)

Really cool guy. Unlike most Zelda bosses, his weak spot is the tounge, not the eye. Plus, the music rocks.

I love it

14 Twinmold (Majora's Mask)

It's more tedious than anything, except long (I started a around 5:00 PM on the final day and It got me to the final 6 minutes. And I still didn't kill him! ). But, this is a cool boss fight. The Giant' mask can be put on here, and it's crazy awesome.

15 Argorok (Twilight Princess)

I love this boss and the way you fight him in my opinion this is a amazing boss

The atmosphere's great, the fight is great, the item is fun, and it's a dragon. 'enough said

He definitely needs more attention

Is that his ass what he slaps?

16 Vaati (Four Swords)

I love this fight! It makes use of the four sword but still keeps the feel of a classic zelda game and just feels great to beat.

I never fought Vaati because I never had the game but I watched the boss battle and it seemed cool. I added him in my made-up game, The Legend of Zela: Lost Hero. He teamed up with Demise and Ganondorf. Tell me what you think of the game.

I love Vaati! The fact he has many forms is awesome! His backstory also is cool considering you would never have guessed he was once a picori/minish!

17 Barinade (Ocarina of Time)

I honestly love Gyorg, but Barinade is one of the few sea creature based bosses that likes to show he means business. He should have been the Water Temple boss instead of Morpha.

18 Blizzeta (Twilight Princess)

I think this boss is kinda cool... cool... cool... boss... NOT TAKE MIRROR!


Must be in the top 10!

Cool boss, but it even gets cooler when you top it up with its super cool boss theme.

This thing scared me to death

19 Demise (Skyward Sword)

Said no one ever. Sorry, but Demise isn't the best boss in the Zelda series.

No, Demise isn't Even Worthy of an Honorable Mention.

This guy was intense and the soundtrack made it even better. At least top 5. come on.

20 Gyorg Pair (The Minish Cap)

Awesome and hard this fight blew away the concept of dingy dungeons and introduced a palace in the sky

It's the only Boss which you fight in the middle of the air, like... No solid soil!?
It's obviously not the hardest. But one of the most unique, along with Goht and Smog (Which is not on the list?! What?! ).
It's the only Boss with two bosses who fight as a pair, instead of two individual bosses together (They connect theirs attacks... He protects her... She protects him... Lovey-dovey couple... Waaah! Why did I kill such a cute couple? ;-

21 Skeldritch (Spirit Tracks)

I love how Skeldritch is a puzzle boss, and not only requires skill with the dungeon item, but some strategy as well. His fight really uses the Sand Wand, the dungeons weapon, well, and he is pretty challenging as well.

22 Ghirahim Final Battle (Skyward Sword)

Best! Villain! EVER! Sound track is awesome and I love skyward sword!


Ghirahim is best Zelda boss. 'enough said.

Come on, this guy is awesome and his taunts are golden. Give this boss some love and vote

23 Ganondorf (Wind Waker) Ganondorf (Wind Waker) Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

How is this fight not higher? It's polished, intense, and Zelda actually does something.

Fecking loved this battle

24 Ganondorf (Twilight Princess) Ganondorf (Twilight Princess) Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

It's the most real feeling battle.

The sword fight with him was totally awesome

Such an amazing boss!
my favorite in the series!

The thing that truly makes it epic isn't that it’s filled with cataclysmic magic, ancient technology, or crazy transformations, it’s quite the opposite. Ganon has stepped down to the level of a swordfighter. He only needs that. It’s just two men, two blades, one common goal... - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

25 Volvagia (Ocarina of Time)

I love that the skull lands right next to you. It scared the living daylights out of me!


She was the coolest boss in OoT behind Twinrova! Definitely needs to be higher. Plus it's so fun to do a jumping megaton hammer right into her face.

I shot her crazy head off.

26 Calamity Ganon (Breath of the Wild)

An amazing example of a final exam boss that looked amazing!

27 Ramrock (Oracle of Ages)
28 Cryak (Phantom Hourglass)
29 Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time) Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time) Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

Link comes in and goes all like, "Hey! Ganondwarf! Give me back Zelda! " and Ganondwarf goes all like, "You win this volleyball game with and electric ball and you can take her." Ganondwarf is NOT a good loser. Next thing you know, your running out of the castle avoiding falling ash and the castle collapsing. Then tries to kill you as a giant but it is bascically gymnastics class for Link.

I just love how you just use whatever the heck you've got in your inventory to beat him up in the final phase.

Fun and epic as heck. Atmosphere and music are also amazing.

Just repeat Phantom Ganons second phase and your pretty much good to go, but for his final attack use the spin attack. - aarond9010

30 Stalblind (A Link Between Worlds)

What a beast, and he has some significance to the dungeon, because you try to rescue one of his former theaves, and just when you think you made it, he traps her and then laughs and has some dialogue and then you fight him. The fight it self is terrifying, because stalblind is a ghost skeleton with a sword and shield, but you can merge onto his shield without him knowing where you are and then you can attack him. I thought this was very cool and very fun to do. After he throws his shield away, you can then attack him but he attacks you even harder and can even use a spin attack. Eventually he even throws his head around that spews something out, and his body attacks willy nilly, I though this boss concept made for a cool boss, and you get to see him have some personality. He also has 3 phases, something no other boss in the game has, not even Yuga-Gannon.

Though Link Between Worlds is the only Zelda game I have played thus far, this guy stands as one of my favorite normal bosses. His design is awesome and the fight is even better. I don't want to spoil the fight, which is why I'm vague. Once you deplete a certain amount of his heath, Stalblind catches on to your tricks and outright abandons his weakness, but it gives you the chance to strike him head on, once Stalblind loses more of his health, he "summons" something that will move all over the battlefield that attacks you whenever you're by it. All around, this fight is unique and is by far the best normal boss in Link Between Worlds.

One of the best...

Easily the hardest boss in aLBW, This boss is is the perfect difficultly, and is one of the most creative bosses in the franchise.

31 Veran (Oracle of Ages)
32 Waterblight Ganon (Breath of The Wild)

It was so great having cryonis have some use for once! Also he's quite hard,looks cool and has a spear.His attacks are powerful and unpredictable and the second stage is really great. - Lord28

33 Trinexx (A Link to the Past)

Trinexx looks like an easy kill- you destroy the fore and ice heads and his shell explodes. But, he's not dead. ONLY the shell explodes, leaving a snakelike body behind. Now you have to hit Trinexx in the middle. This boss is harder than he looks and is also pretty awesome.

34 Cragma (Spirit Tracks)

The Beeest Boss Theme Song In The Series - Glauberson

Cragma is a lot of fun to fight, especially due to the fight's utilization of mine carts. Really creative, and entertaining! I enjoyed every minute of it!

35 Gyorg (Majora's Mask)

Shooting and swimming while a giant fish tries to eat you - whats not to love x

36 Odolwa (Majora's Mask)

It good simple gameplay and that's why I enjoy it.

37 Dark Dragon (Oracle of Seasons)

Wolf Sigma clone - Murphdog405

38 Gohdan (Wind Waker)

Yes, this boss is extremely easy. Yes, Nintendo has copied the way to beat him before, I know, I know. I love this boss. I love the Tower of the Gods temple and this was a satisfying conclusion to it. He also looks awesome.

39 Twinrova (Oracle of Ages)
40 Divine Beast Vah Ruta (Breath of the Wild)
41 Master Khanga (Breath of the Wild)

Your spelings trash but it's so satisfying to just crush him with his iron balls of doom. Its just a shame he's sooo easy.

42 Thunderbird (Zelda II)

This whole game sucked.

43 Kalle Demos (Wind Waker)
44 Facade (Link's Awakening)
45 Diababa (Twilight Princess)

I absolutely love this boss, using the gale boomerang to put bombs inside a stalks mouth, then having to use it to get it from the monkey and put in the main heads face, then beat the crap out of the eye with your sword, I love this game. - aarond9010

Even if it's way too epic for a first boss, it's fun and helps you forget that the forest temple was terrible.

46 Bilocyte (Skyward Sword)

#32? THIS should be in the top 10 (in my opinion). The music and atmosphere is epic and the battle is not hard, but still great.

47 Tentalus (Skyward Sword)

This boss is like your typical kid's drawing. Tentalus is a bit fat, which is what many people do, particularly children if they can't think of any special features and designs. But, I really enjoyed the boss fight.

I thought the fight was fun but, really Celia from monsters inc come on

Very simple, but very fun.

48 Scaldera (Skyward Sword)

The boss fight itself was very fun. I just wished it was a little bit harder.

49 Shadow Hag (Oracle of Ages)
50 Puppet Ganon (Wind Waker)
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