Top Ten Legend of Zelda Enemies that Should Have Been in Breath of the Wild

There are a wide variety of enemies to fight in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, however many of the series' extensive catalogue of monsters were noticeably missing.

The Top Ten

1 Darknut Darknut

I want that armor set. There's still DLC; make it happen Reggie. - Torchpost

Darknuts look so awesome I saw some in Smash 4!

2 Helmaroc King

I'm looking at you "The Bird in the Mountains" Shrine Quest. - Torchpost

3 Armos

What with the whole theme of the game being possessed technology, it seems weird they didn't have these. - Torchpost

4 Dodongo Dodongo
5 Aeralfos Aeralfos
6 Stalfos

We got stal- everything but they forgot the stalfos. - Torchpost

7 Gohma
8 Deku Baba
9 Kargarok
10 ReDead

The Contenders

11 Wolfos
12 Gibdo
13 Beamos

Understandable considering the game is full of walking beamos, but still. - Torchpost

14 Iron Knuckle
15 Tektite
16 Skulltula

I want my inner arachnaphobe to suffer

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