Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games that Deserved More Features

Ever Heard Of The OOT Wind Temple/Forest Temple Theory? Was The Ice Temple Made Into The Ice Cavern And Turned Into A Mini-Dungeon? Don't the Ice Arrows feel like accessories more than weapons? What If There Were More Features To These Games? Time to count down a Top Ten List!

The Top Ten

1 Light Temple - Ocarina Of Time

A Light Temple Would Be Cool. I think this temple would require use of the Mirror Shield and the Lens of Truth. Flying Pots, Wallmasters, Beamos, and All Types Of Keese Could Be Found On The First Floor. Puzzles similar to the ones in the Spirit Temple must be completed in order to get down to the Basement, where Redeads, Gibdos, Floormasters, and Poes Could lurk. (Seperate Rooms, Biggest Floor.) Sooner or later, you'll come across an empty room in the basement. Use the lens of truth and there will be a light coming from the ceiling and a sun face on the wall. Use the mirror shield to reflect light on to it. Bars will block any escape by slamming in front of the door and Shadow Link will jump out of the Sun Face and attack you. - CNSucksNow

2 Bring Back More Monsters - Ocarina Of Time and Every Single Game After That

Fokkas, Moas, and Other Monsters alike are all forgotten because the games they are in are viewed negatively by most of the community. I always thought Zelda 2 needed a 3D Style remake, but too bad I can't put it on this list. - CNSucksNow

3 Expanded Ice Cavern - Ocarina Of Time

This area felt way too short, and it turns out that it was originally intended to be an Ice Temple. Maybe they ran out of ideas for the temple...? Maybe they couldn't create enough monsters before release...? Maybe they ran out of time and stuck with what they had. All I Really Know Is That They Turned The Ice Temple Into An Ice Cavern. - CNSucksNow

4 Who Or What Created Majora's Mask? - Majora's Mask

Most People Take The Manga's Answer As Canon, but I want a straight answer. WHO EXACTLY created Majora's Mask? - CNSucksNow

5 Wind Temple - Ocarina Of Time

All you'd have to do is create some Hookshot puzzles and make with the bow and arrow to activate the fans. Have some fan problems similar to what happened in the Shadow Temple. - CNSucksNow

6 Master Quest - Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword

This is what I ask. - CNSucksNow

7 Bring Back The Creepy Factor That Was Used In The Old Zeldas - Breath Of The Wild and Onward

I just want an area like the Well, Shadow Temple, and Ikana Valley. - CNSucksNow

8 Have Master Quest Make Bosses More Difficult - Ocarina Of Time

Seriously? Felt like a breath of fresh air once you got to the Boss Fights. - CNSucksNow

9 Harder Final Boss - Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword
10 Graveyard Palace - Zelda ll: The Adventure Of Link

This could've been great, but at the same time, it could've been impossible. - CNSucksNow

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