Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Dungeons

The Top Ten
Eagle's Tower

Eagle's Tower is probably the best dungeon in the entire Zelda series. The one I have a lot of fun with is Tail Cave, my mind was blown by the item in that cave and how it changed how I traversed it. But I'm also very fond of this genius dungeon. I remember playing it in at my grandma's with a flashlight on the original DMG.

The entire game is so great. I also really love Catfish's Maw and Angler's Tunnel. Key Canvern is obv also geniusly constructed, but I don't have as much fun with it as I have with these others. I guess it's the slow explanation text that comes up at lock blocks when you don't have a key and accidentally touch one of those blocks. That was always the weakest point of LA, and the version made that problem worse. Link's Awakening is still my favorite game, though.

Face Shrine
Catfish's Maw
Turtle Rock
Color Dungeon
Wind Fish's Egg
Key Cavern
Angler's Tunnel
Bottle Grotto
Tail Cave
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