Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Dungeons

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1 Spirit Temple

The boss, the music, the atmosphere, the way that it represents the the theme of Spirit well by making you go through the dungeon as a child and as an adult makes this almost guaranteed to be the best Ocarina of Time dungeon

This temple was awesome, I wish that when they did Twilight Princess, which many argue copied from Ocarina, that they did this one better, I hated that one but this one was awesome

Great atmosphere, Great music, great boss. The only temple I reaaalllyy enjoyed playing when I was kid. I was really upset too when the temple was finally over. I had so much using my awesome new mirror shield. I felt like I was exploring an ancient middle eastern temple. Spirit temple was epic!

It's way too annoying if you get stuck to have to keep switching back and forth to try something.

2 Forest Temple

This dungeon was great, edging new players into their new, adult world. But that doesn't mean it's easy. With plenty of amazing puzzles and fun new enemies, I can see many new players staying here for a while. But that's not a bad thing. The atmosphere and chilling soundtrack keep you enticed and wanting to venture further. The one part that I didn't like, however, was the boss. In all honesty, it was underwhelming. But that's just one tiny stain in what is easily my favorite dungeon.

This dungeon is what a forest dungeon should be. It perfectly introduces link to the adult world and has a much darker tone. Every enemy has became harder, every puzzle is now more involved. You have to climb trees, twist hallways and beat up ghosts to beat this dungeon.

Absolutely incredible. The music, the atmosphere, the puzzles. It is by far the best. I also find it funny that this dungeon is unintentionally a lot more creepy than the shadow temple, where creepy was the biggest driving force of the temple

I love this dungeon and honestly, I don't see how the Shadow Temple got above it. I despise that dungeon because of all the annoying enemies and easy puzzles.

3 Shadow Temple

I enjoyed this dungeon the most due to the dark feel to it, and that it has some of my favorite puzzles involving the "lens of truth". My next vote would have been to the forest temple.

I think that the shadow temple is really cool and has a great boss fight. It was very fun for me and a little spooky. Overall it's the best dungeon ever

Loved the dungeon because of the atmosphere. The puzzles are great too. Bongo Bongo is my favorite boss in the whole game.

Great dungeon with an even better boss

4 Water Temple

The water temple what a challenge I love water temples it's a good level on pretty much all Zelda's it's been common for the hook shot like when it started in link to the past, then ocarina of time, I'm not sure about wind waker, but twilight princess does and to break the streak skyward sword brings a new weapon to Zelda on the water temple the whip which was ok but hint for ocarina of time water temple before going into the first key door make sure you have 3 keys you'll need them it saves like 10 min if you know we're they are 30 if you don't so good luck

The water temple is the most genius level ever designed. It was the first 3D Zelda dungeon to introduce a mechanic that affects multiple rooms. It is the most puzzle heavy part of OoT, and while it is confusing, nothing is more rewarding. 11/10

By far the biggest and most fun temple in Ocarina. Provides a thought-provoking challenge.

God I love water temples I just love water in general but not sure if I'll like the skyward sword water temple

5 Fire Temple

This temple is classic interesting and has a great boss fight

More fun than frustrating. A playful type of suffering

This dungeon is my favourite in all the franchise! With my favourite colours, awesome music, awesome boss and my favourite Zelda race ever, the Gorons!

I love this dungeon, it's Gorons, and it's orange

6 Ganon's Castle

The boss gave me a heart attack NO JOKE

7 Inside the Great Deku Tree

Best first level in a game, especially considering it's one of the greatest games ever made. - yoshaholic

8 Jabu-Jabu's Belly

I didn't like this dungeon. It was cool at first but then we were introduced to annoying components like the almost invincible jellyfish, almost tolerable naked princess and the almost vomit-inducing walls. It had to be said.

I love every dungeon in this game, but this one was really fun! It had an awesome boss, and was not to challenging, but hard enough so it could be enjoyed. It had a cool atmosphere, because you were IN A BIG FISHES STOMACH! I also liked big October, and it was fun having to carry an obnoxious princess around

Inside a belly is great but only disadvantages are the boss

I likes this dungeon because it was fun and pretty simple.

9 Dodongo's Cavern

I actually liked this dungeon. It was short and easy, which is what the 2nd dungeon should be like. While it did feel too short, it had a very good design, what with a dinosaur (or dodongo) skull in the middle.

It's strange to me and for some reason it seems like the game makers didn't complete

10 Bottom of the Well

I found the concept of a creepy mini-temple inside of a well to be incredibly interesting. Such a dark and eerie place was completely in front of you the whole time in kokoriko village, but no knowledge of it. You also get the lense if truth here which is pretty neat! The main attraction of this temple is all the invisible traps.

The Contenders
11 Gerudo Training Ground

It's a really cool challenge, but the reward is such a slap in the face.

12 Gerudo Fortress

Very fun and unique

My absolute favourite ''dungeon''. It's challenging and puzzling; the perfect combination. Best dungeon ever.

13 Ice Cavern

This dungeon looked cool, no pun intended. It had nice soothing music and good visuals. If only it wasn't so damn slippery...

The music,the appearance,the enemies.It might be a small dungeon but its absolutely beautiful in my opinion

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