Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Items

The Top Ten

1 Ocarina of Time

I honestly don't know what I expected. - Zeemgeem

Well of course its num.1 its in the title

2 Longshot

Yay I can shave seconds off my speed run

You can zip around everywhere with this amazing (and extra long) contraption!

3 Bow & Arrows

I like the bow and arrows, it was cool to use. I'm surprised the Fire Temple didn't need this item at all.
It was also cool having other uses of the bow, and it also had Fire, Ice and Light arrows. REWIEWS:
•Fire Arrows 8/10 you're screwed if you don't have these.
•Ice Arrows 2/10 (no offense to ice arrow lovers) I don't why this was an item, it had no use at all.
•Light Arrows 9/10 I used this all the time to beat Ganon.

Ok bow and arrow are used though the whole teen link saga. The ocarina might be the best to some people put to me it's like 3rd why the bow is magic it also defeats gonnon twice I don't see the ocarina killing. Plus the bow is the only item used on epona. The ocarina might call epona but dose it shoot arrows at monsters as you ride her don't think so.

4 Mirror Shield

Gotta love killing the witch twins with their own power

5 Lens of Truth
6 Din's Fire
7 Megaton Hammer

Not only does this item feel very powerful when you use it, the Megaton Hammer is very useful in the fight against Volvagia and Dark Link.

8 Nayru's Love
9 Bomb
10 Master Sword

How can this not be #1?

The Contenders

11 Boomerang
12 Hookshot
13 Deku Stick

Hey guys, deku branch is awesome! Play the n64 version!

14 Bombchu

I like things that go boom and bomb uh sounds like pikachu!

15 Biggoron's Sword

#1 or bust!

It does twice the damage of the master sword with added range

How could this not be number 1

16 Farore's Wind
17 Deku Shield
18 Hylian Shield
19 Slingshot
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