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1 Saria's Song

It was annoying at first, but then it go stuck in my head. Can't get enough now.

Ba ba ba,ba ba ba,ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba,ba ba ba ba! This is so catchy my whole family have been singing this for weeks

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2 Song of Storms

This song is so catchy and beautiful! I love it

THis is pobolry my favorite song to play on the Oceania of time I mean it's so awesome when you hear it if you haven't played this song of got the in ocania play it even you haven't learned it it's L R A L R A of the 3ds V

Ok how is this not first it creates storms. Hey mom can I play outside sere 5 min later I was struck by lighting mom all I seen was a kid play a song then it started to rain and then I was struck by lighting.

3 Zelda's Lullaby

The only reason this one is because when you hear it at the end of the game

4 Gerudo Valley

Second best tune in the game minuet of the forest is better though

How is this seventh you guys need to listen to it!


5 Song of Time

I love this tune.

Love the dub step remix - PPPPPPINGAS

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6 Forest Temple

I love this song. If you play it randomly in your house it makes you scared of your house. It's downright creepy, and when you play it in the Forest Temple when there's random hands coming down at you, it makes for an eerie experience.

I love this song it's the type to send chills up your spin and I love things that scare me but god I hate the wall masters in that temple

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7 Boss Theme
8 Water Temple

This song really sets up the atmosphere of this temple.

9 Epona's Song

Was shopping at Walmart whistling the this song and a girl working there came from the other asile, and asked me if that was the song from Zelda. I said yeah and we both smiled at each other. <3 Epona

10 Fire Temple

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11 Hyrule Field
12 Temple of Time

This stuff is just epic

13 Spirit Temple
14 Song of Healing
15 Zora's Domain
16 Oath to Order
17 Great Fairy Fountain
18 Goron Lullaby
19 Sheik's Theme

It's so serene, beautiful and matches the situation perfectly. You are on an adventure and Sheik brings a moment of peace, hope and serenity, willing you to journey further and complete your quest. Overall, this song brings me joy and makes me think of how well the developers really caught the sense of hope Sheik brings you.

20 New Wave Bossa Nova
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Top Remixes

1. Saria's Song
2. Gerudo Valley
3. Song of Storms
1. Zelda's Lullaby
2. Saria's Song
3. Boss Theme
1. Zelda's Lullaby
2. Epona's Song
3. Saria's Song



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