Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Dungeons

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1 Ancient Cistern

The dungeon was already cool when you enter it. Buddha, Lotuses and a Bird statue. SWEET! But when you find out that this dungeon has a basement because you DIDN't check your map. Whoa. This dungeon draws inspiration from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Resident Evil...

My favorite temple for sure. Everything from the music to the awesome boss to the underground scary place fits in perfectly and makes for a great experience every time.

This dungeon is pure amazing. It probably is the most nearly perfect dungeon I've ever played. I love the boss Kokloktos, the four handed stalfos, and the best item, the whip, is in this dungeon. The atmosphere is amazing, in both the upper and lower parts. Also, it is long, hard, and fun. The Sandship and the Fire Sanctuary were awesome too. What is the Silent Realm and Water Cave doing here?

The most beautiful dungeon ever.Too bad the furnixes and cursed bokoblin didn't put much of a fight.I wish this dungeon was real.

2 Sandship

This and the Ancient Cistern are my two favorites, but I figured I should vote for this, mainly because Ancient Cistern is already at the top. This dungeon is somehow incredibly straightforward, yet confusing. The only downer for it would be the boss (Monsters Inc., anyone? ) which, while slightly uncreative, was difficult to fight.

It was between this one and Ancient Cistern. The Sandship is essentially an invisible, giant boat that belongs to a bunch of robots that has been captured by robot pirates. ROBOT PIRATES! The middle of this ship contains a powerful crystal, that can change the chronological state of everything around it. Dead stuff comes to life. Thorns grow backwards. I think you get it. The miniboss was cool, the music was nice, the visuals was great and the boss was crap. This is a good dungeon.

I mean, you are on a time traveling pirate ship with a robot pirate as a mini boss. How much more can you ask for?

3 Lanayru Mining Facility

This is like the umpteen time that a mine is being used as a dungeon but this isn't a mine. It's more of a facility. With a press of a crystal, the dungeon goes from old, dusty, laptop to new, improved PC. Apparently the old dusty form is the future while the newer one was the past...Zelda Logic

4 Sky Keep

This dungeon needed a boss fight. And a lot more rooms. And a lot more locked doors. And a lot more realism. BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME.

Really unique dungeon- combining all the great puzzles.. kinda like 'the greatest hits of skyward sword :)' - neutrino64

At first I was like, uggh this is boring, but when you get into it, the tile puzzles are real fun. I like the Ancient Cistern better, but I thought I should vote for this one. I still think you should go into a boss fight when you complete the Triforce, but a great dungeon other than that.

5 Fire Sanctuary

This dungeon wasn't as good as earth temple but it was still pretty good. The best thing about this level was the visuals as this "Sanctuary" also had a lot of exploration outdoors. On a side note, a sanctuary is usually referred to as a holy place. I don't think a place where you fight a demon lord is holy.

6 Earth Temple

This dungeon reminded me of Indiana Jones. Maybe because using an eye from a statue you blew up to roll over lava...seems adventurous?

7 Skyview Temple

This dungeon perfectly introduces people to slashing your sword. I say that because that was the most fun part. Don't get me wrong, I like this dungeon but I was *cough* *cough* experimenting which stuff breaks by my sword. Mushroom - no. Webs - yes. Also the beetle was cool.

8 Pirate Stronghold
9 Silent Realm

I'm in love with the paradoxical nature! At first it's peaceful and dreamlike, but if you mess up, it all goes down hill.

What? This is not a dungeon

Me the first time in the Faron Silent Realm: "Wow, pretty! Look at that ghost thing! " Me when I step out of the circle: "This is where I die ;_; "

10 Waterfall Cave

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11 Thieves Hideout
12 Arbiter's Grounds

This is cool.

13 Tick-Tock Clock

This is great! Let's a go!

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