Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Songs

The Top Ten

1 Ballad of the Goddess

It's beautiful and familiar.

Fun Fact.. This is Zelda's lullaby backwards.. Koji kondo's brilliance goes in both ways lol

This song is like Zelda's lullaby in orcarina of time

2 Fi's Theme
3 Fi's Gratitude

It's so beautiful :'(

4 Fi's Farewell
5 Song of the Hero
6 Isle of Songs
7 Final Ghirahim
8 Ancient Cistern

Beautiful music.I picture a beautiful cabana.☺😌

9 The Sky
10 Earth Temple

The Contenders

11 Faron Woods
12 Bilocyte
13 Koloktos/Moldarach
14 Final Demise
15 The Imprisoned
16 Tentalus/Scaldera
17 Levias
18 Fire Sanctuary
19 Skyloft
20 Lanayru Desert: Past
21 Lord Ghirahim's Theme

It's so awesome. It's got a sort of creepy feel to it.

22 Sandship

This song is just so haunting. The Sand Sea is my favorite Zelda location of all time, right next to Lake Hylia, and the Sandship itself is high up on the list of favorite dungeons.

23 Eldin Volcano
24 Bamboo Island

Relaxing, my favourite beside Ballad of the Goddess.

25 Lanayru Sand Sea
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