Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Songs


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1 Midna's Lament

I loved this song so much. I loved the piano on it especially, it's not something that you're used to hearing in a Zelda game. Placed with the fact that you're escorting Midna to Princess Zelda as she is dying, it makes for an unbelievable experience that I won't forget for a long time.

The feels. THE FEELS. That theme really makes you feel like Midna is dying and you need to get her to Princess Zelda quickly...

That's why I hated Zant.

As a musician:

The best song is not midna's lament, is Hyrule field because it represents Link and the Game, very dynamic theme also present in the ENTIRE soundtrack. The best version is the Twilight Symphony one because IT SOUNDS like a REAL ORCHESTRA.

The second best theme is Midna's theme (representation of Midna's story and her personality). Again, Twilight Symphony has the best version.

In third place, I would put Midna's Lament (it is a mix of Link's theme and Midna's) because represents the moment when Midna and Link started to improve their relationship and the story gets more interesting. The Twilight Symphony version is AMAZING, makes the original kind of dull in comparison, because it was midi, not a real recording or instrumentation, fault of technology back then :(.

2 Blizzeta

Blizzetas theme was amazing and is the 2nd best song in the whole series for me (1st being ocarina of times forest temple obviously)

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3 Sacred Grove

It's a stunning remake of the original lost woods music in Ocarina of Time. A haunting, yet peaceful melody that sums up the lost woods perfectly.

I really love love this song, but I get scared whenever I hear it, because the Skull Kid freaks me out. - t-man

Great. It really captures the feel of the area for me. An ancient ruin where the sacred sword lies. It's just cool.

Its just so amazing, much better than any other TP song

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4 Hyrule Field

This is just plain awesome to listen to. I often go there just to listen to it... Until the postman interrupts it...

Midna's Lament can't be heard enough, Blizzeta's, Morpheel's, Argorok's and Stallord's songs are hard to focus on in mid battle, Sacred Grove isn't bad, but not good enough, Queen Rutela's Song isn't as awesome as most think, I don't remember Recover the Light, so it wasn't too noticeable. Ilia's theme only appears when she's around, so I don't hear I enough. Gerudo Desert and Snowpeak are both based off of this song, obviously the best in the game. Who hasn't gone there just to listen?

5 Queen Rutela

Beautiful it's the only thing I'm gonna say

6 Dark Lord Ganondorf
7 Zant Battle
8 Ending Credits Theme

Beautiful cool down from the intensity of the long journey. Medley of songs from around the game.

9 Armogohma
10 Snowpeak

The Contenders

11 Recover the Light
12 Morpheel / Argorok
13 Hyrule Field (Night)
14 Hidden Village

In context, or even out of context, this is one of the best songs in the game. It sounds like something out of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and it makes the battle it plays during one of the most awesome-feeling moments in the game. - Torchpost

How is this not even in the top ten? This and Midna's Lament are my favorite songs from this game! I still like all the others, though. Anyway, this one is SO catchy and gives off an amazing vibe!

This theme is so cool and catchy. I love it.

This should be in the top tens

15 Stallord
16 City in the Sky
17 Ilia's Theme
18 Faron Woods

Such a relaxing song and it fits the woods well. I'll just run around Faron woods for extended periods of time just to listen to it.

19 Meeting Midna
20 Possessed Zelda Theme
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