Top 10 Moments from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Despite being a short game with only four main dungeons The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is filled with many memorable moments within the world of Termina as Link attempts to prevent the Skull Kid from crashing the moon into the earth destroying everything.
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1 Anju and Kafei Reunite

A side quest that takes up all 3 days to complete as Link helps to reunite the two by doing several different tasks that must be completed, after helping Kafei who has been turned into a kid by the magic of the skull kid retrieve his stolen mask he and Anju will be finally be able to reunite and form the Couples Mask which hardly seems worth all the effort but the quest itself was worth it in the end being able to see the two embrace after being apart for so long as the two vow to stay together in town even as the moon is minutes away from crashing into Termina,

Best quest in the whole game.

2 The Moon Crashes into Termina

If you choose to let time run out then the moon crashes into Clock Town and destroys all of Termina as it creates a wall of fire as Link is immediately obliterated, which is actually a pretty cool site to behold and should be seen at least once.

3 Majora's Mask Is Revealed to Be the Real Villain

After the giants stop the moon the real villain is revealed as Majora's mask itself was controlling the Skull Kid as contiues to bring down the moon as the giants struggle to keep it from crashing as Link and Tatl are sucked up into the moon where they go to stop Majora's Mask once and for all.

4 Helping Pamela's Father

Very emotional scene after restoring the river after playing the song of storms and restore the Music Box House and sneak past the little girl Pamela and go downstairs Link is confronted by Pamela's father who has been turned into a gibdo after exploring the Gibdo play the song of healing to restore him to normal as the Gibdo mask drops and Pamela rushes in with tears to hug her father as he questions what he's been doing all this time as she convinces him it was all just a dream as the two embrace.

5 Fighting Marjora's Wrath
6 Helping Romani Defend the Ranch from "Them"

In this quest Link must help Romani defend the ranch and keep the alien like creatures known as "Them" from getting to the barn, succeed and Romani rewards you with a bottle of milk and you will be able to do Cremia's side quest the next day, however if you fail to keep "Them" out then a cut scene plays as the alien creatures steal all the cows as well as Romani who the next time you see her on the third day will be shown with a blank stare almost like she's been lobotomized.

7 Cremia Hugs Link After Helping Defend the Milk Cargo

After getting the Romani's Mask you can do the Romani and Cremia side quest again and after defending the milk cargo there's a chance that Cremia will either reward you with rupees or she simply gives Link a hug which dosne't seem like much but its still pretty interesting and a bit awkward seeing how short Link is that his face is pressed up against Cremia's chest.

8 The Four Giants Appear and Stop the Moon from Crashing into Termina

After defeating all four main bosses and awaking the four giants as Link plays the song to summon them as Skull Kid is ready to crash the moon into Termina as they manifest themselves as they gather around clock town and hold back the moon.

9 Link Helps Cremia Defend the Milk Cargo

After completing the Romani side Quest you will be able to catch a ride with Romani's sister Cremia as she drives her milk truck into town, along the way the the road is blocked again and are forced to take a detour through the Gorman brothers racetrack as Link has to defend Cremia's milk cargo as the Gorman brothers wearing masks chase after them, succeed and you are awarded the Romani's Mask which will allow you access to the Milk Bar in town.

10 Deku Princess Goes Off On The Deku King

After defeating Odalwa and restoring the Swamp as Link is finally able to free the Deku Princess as she realizes that her father the king most likley blamed the monkey she was with as she orders Link to take her to her father using a bottle to carry her, as Link takes her to the Deku Palace and drops her off in front of her father as she is enraged by her fathers actions and bounces on him demanding they let the monkey go which they do.

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11 Entering Stone Tower temple
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