Toughest Enemies Besides Bosses In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This list doesn't include dungeon bosses, (The many Ganons, the Yiga leader, etc) or the overworld bosses (hinox, stone talus, molduga.)
The Top Ten
1 Lynel
2 Guardian Scout IV
3 Silver Lizalfos
4 Wizzrobe
5 Silver Moblin
6 Yiga Blademaster
7 Silver Bokoblin
8 Guardian Stalker

This is hard to fight in breath of the wild since they do so much damage

9 Electric Lizalfos
10 Electric Keese
The Contenders
11 Molduga

I honestly don't know how a lynel is in first when you can evaporate it with an Ancient Arrow. Plus, one hit from a molduga and you are straight up dead regardless of armor..

12 Stalnox
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