Top 10 Legendary Cards in Clash Royale Since the Royal Ghost Update

Only legendary cards from clash royale are allowed on this list

The Top Ten

1 Royal Ghost

It was nerfed heavily - BigFatNoob

2 Mega knight

It had a heavy nerf - BigFatNoob

3 The log

Nerfed plenty of times but still a good card - BigFatNoob

4 Miner

Only nerfed once but it's still a good card - BigFatNoob

5 Electro Wizard

It was nerfed 2 to 3 times and it is still amazing - BigFatNoob

6 Inferno dragon

Used to be an amazing card until they nerfed it so many time on the time it became useless - BigFatNoob

7 Bandit

It used to be the most dominating card but it's still amazing - BigFatNoob

8 Ice Wizard

Used properly if there is chaos - BigFatNoob

9 Night witch

She used to be spammy but she isn't anymore. But she is a healthy card. - BigFatNoob

10 Princess

The princess splash damage is reduced so that swarm can counter her a little but. But she can still shoot far and defend well. - BigFatNoob

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