Top Ten Legendary and Epic Cards in Clash Royale


The Top Ten

1 Miner

Yes miner is really bad should be in the bottom of the kist

You noob the miner is the worst.

Miner has minimized crown tower DAMAGE?!? bruh

Gravy miner and gob barrel,boom

2 Electro Wizard

He electricuted me so now I am cute

Electro Wizard is the BEST Legendary

I got this card from a crown chest, and it is great, I like how it completely shuts down the sparky! - StrikeOfLight

Its just has so much value

3 Lava Hound

Yes, I love it, the Hound is such a tank

What the heck is princess doing on this list? princess can be taken out by arrows. Lava Hound is amazing.

Lava hound has over 3000 health! (better then miner)

Lava hound is SUPREME! but I deserves at least second position

4 Lumberjack

The melee machine gun of DOOM

Actually good
Great pushes
Wizard and lumby, freeze tower and boom,

He is the best because he does 200 damage in 0.7 seconds, and when he dies, he drops rage

He can almost take out a tower if untouched and when he dies he's boast your other cards

5 Graveyard

Great card for offense could be used for distracting your opponent too even after a spell do some damage my first legendary

Ultimate win condition when paired with freeze and night witch

So good got this in arena 5 and pushed to arena 7 with this

Graveyard is the best legendary ever I don't have it yet but I'm waiting for a legendary chest to appear in shop because I have 500 gems should not be placed in 5 should be replaced with minor so graveyard should be first and minor should be first.

6 Sparky

Great card for sparknado executioner beatdown

I think it's really op but you can't just play it and expect to win, you need a tank and something that does area damage to ground and air.

Sparky is way underrated. She puts pressure on the opponents and they usually have to use a bunch of elixir to defend her. If you use her correctly you will see how good she is

One morning, you wake up, and you think that the day will be perfect. You open your super magical chest and you hang yourself. Why? Because you got Sparky. - Kiflo69

Sparky. It is great, a huge threat, it's just not versatile. If used with the correct decks it is actually overpowered. - MChkflaguard_Yt

7 Princess

Attacks the towers out of range. It cab get hundreds off quick. And, if the opponent has a push, you can place her on the other side and she will target them and her splash damage will kill hordes. All for 3 elixir.

She is so useful for low health troops

Princess is the best cause she can do damage on a tower without getting hit but she has low health tags the thing but to me she is the best

What the heck is Sparky doing there? LOL just get sparky out! - EphraimKoay

8 Golem

It is the best card that I have ever used

Very useful

9 Lightning

@StrikeOfLight it would be way op if it was 4 elixir... even 5 with a dmg nerf would be good though

also u made me vote for lightning which is nowhere near the best

Not a bad card, can be used to counter elite barbs pretty well, I would probably use it if it was 4 elixir. - StrikeOfLight

10 Executioner

I like it very muuch it was in arena 9 then to arena 12 which is its correct position

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? Fisherman

The Contenders

11 Balloon

Balloon should be legendary... It's the best card!

Superb loon card is

12 The Log

Awesome card, really useful and underrated

This is the first legendary I got

13 Ice Wizard

It's best card to stop any troops

The Ice Wizard can slow down troops and take down low health troops, great card to put behind a tank.

It is in top ten

14 Mirror

Strongest cards come from the mirror.

Mirror is used simply if you only need 7 cards in your deck and you don't know what the fudge should you put as an 8. card and you put the mirror in your deck.

I argreed with the guy mirror for the win

It’s awesome

15 Mega Knight

Level 9 and he has 3300 health and does 220 damage. He is a beast.

You all gay

Why is this so low...

Best card ever

16 Skeleton Army

Not a legendary I don't know why I voted for it

Single target tanks die instantly with this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Its health sucks,but offense's a good troop for distracting,and wasting your opponent's elixir

17 Bowler

dead - MillionCR

18 Night Witch

Viable on giant and golem decks

If it does not kill your mini tank / tank, bats do it - MillionCR

One of the most annoying card

19 Inferno Dragon

This should be number 1

All battles in which I used the inferno dragon resulted in me winning. All though, the number of battles I played with it is zero. - Kiflo69

When I use a hog rider deck I got into a losing streak
but it soon ended when I used this again - MChkflaguard_Yt

20 Dark Prince

Has splash damage and a shield better than prince if
u have a meat shield

21 Rage

When you get RAGE you want to RAGE quit - Kiflo69

rage sucks - peppapigdasavage

22 Prince
23 Witch
24 Bandits

This card bandit is awesome and her dash is invincible she can take take out the princess in her one dash and almost she can dash when she has very less health because she can't be damaged while dashing she must be at number 1 place she is better than lumberjack.

25 P.E.K.K.A.

Ooof Is actually good though

I used this card to push from arena 4 to 8 in an hour(I dropped though)


Best damage

26 Royal Ghost
27 Giant Skeleton

Has lots of health and blows up everything when he dies. Like an improved giant.

28 Cannon Cart

Rocks like hell, especially in 2v2's! works in my arena 10 account well!

29 Ram Rider

Yea, is IMPOSSIBLE to stop for a positive elixir trade,
and supercell seems to have stuck to hog riders and ram riders, so I'm just waiting for welcome Mega hog rider to the arena. - MillionCR

Decent card should be in top 10

30 Magic Archer

Does pretty ok damage just like baby dragon wizard like that but can shoot through cards and do annoying tower damage

Ah no

31 Baby Dragon

It does splash damage, flies, does good damage and has good hitpoints.

It's does area damage and have a moderate health it should be a legendary card because it can take out a horde

32 Garden Holes

Don't know why I put dis thing cause it's not a card

33 Freeze

Great with hog at level 3=

34 Poison

It's helps to win when you are losing because it's damages the crown tower and helps to encounter the nearby skeleton army

35 Goblin Barrel
36 Tornado
37 Inferno Tower

The best building in the game it really is

it just 5 elixir op

It's the best tank countering card. Love it.

Stupid that's a rare this is only epix and legendariez

38 Royal Hogs
39 X Bow
40 Guards

I like Gurfs and skeleton groups.

41 Clone

Clone. Really. Clone. I think I clicked the worst cards list by an accident... - Kiflo69

I actually used this card, giant skeleton clone works pretty well(if you can get the giant skeleton to the tower of course). - StrikeOfLight

42 Barbarian Barrel

R.I.P wizad, witch, skarmy,... they got all killed from 2 elixir - MillionCR

43 Lava Pups

They are better than Lava Mum

44 Spear Goblins

Best card in the game. is definitely legendary in any pro's opinion

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