Top Ten Legendary and Epic Cards in Clash Royale


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1 Miner

I got this from a silver chest, it can be used with a lot of cards, when I first got this card, I thought it was not that great, of course that's when I though damage was everything in that game, but now I use it all the time - StrikeOfLight

He is a very versatile card in your deck that can make you win fast. He is the most clutch card in the game that is not a spell if you want to get the opponents tower at the last second.

The miner is my favorite legendary card because it can be placed anywhere in the arena and he is a good tank it can be played with ballon or hog rider or lava hounde

Yes miner is amazing. you should all join the clan XxballinbrosxX!

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2 Electro Wizard

I got this card from a crown chest, and it is great, I like how it completely shuts down the sparky! - StrikeOfLight

Its just has so much value

GREAT card

So good. just got it out of a legendary chest but it's so helpful. awesome!

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3 Lava Hound

Yes, I love it, the Hound is such a tank

Lava hound has over 3000 health! (better then miner)

It is the best card lava pups have nice damage.

What the heck is princess doing on this list? princess can be taken out by arrows. Lava Hound is amazing.

4 Sparky Sparky

Sparky is way underrated. She puts pressure on the opponents and they usually have to use a bunch of elixir to defend her. If you use her correctly you will see how good she is

One morning, you wake up, and you think that the day will be perfect. You open your super magical chest and you hang yourself. Why? Because you got Sparky. - Kiflo69

Sparky. It is great, a huge threat, it's just not versatile. If used with the correct decks it is actually overpowered. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Unless played right and/or not countered Sparky will be a detriment to you.

It is a good card

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5 Graveyard

Graveyard is the best legendary ever I don't have it yet but I'm waiting for a legendary chest to appear in shop because I have 500 gems should not be placed in 5 should be replaced with minor so graveyard should be first and minor should be first.

Graveyard is the best in the game other than miner rn. It easily does tons of damage to the tower especially if the tower shoots at the giant.

6 Lumberjack

This is the best card because it can do 200 damage per 0.7seconD's which is insane!

The Definition Of Awesome!

Best card in game for sure behind e wiz and mega knight, I always see hate on this card and I always wonder why it gets so much hate

Should be #2

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7 Princess Princess

Princess is the best cause she can do damage on a tower without getting hit but she has low health tags the thing but to me she is the best

What the heck is Sparky doing there? LOL just get sparky out! - EphraimKoay

One of the few troops that if left unchallenged will destroy you. - Ketrikal

Princesses are OP

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8 Lightning

Not a bad card, can be used to counter elite barbs pretty well, I would probably use it if it was 4 elixir. - StrikeOfLight

9 Golem

It is the best card that I have ever used

10 Executioner

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11 Balloon

Superb loon card is

12 The Log

Awesome card, really useful and underrated

This is the first legendary I got

13 Mirror

Mirror is used simply if you only need 7 cards in your deck and you don't know what the fudge should you put as an 8. card and you put the mirror in your deck.

I argreed with the guy mirror for the win

It’s awesome

14 Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard can slow down troops and take down low health troops, great card to put behind a tank.

It is in top ten

15 Skeleton Army

Single target tanks die instantly with this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Its health sucks,but offense's a good troop for distracting,and wasting your opponent's elixir

16 Night Witch

One of the most annoying card

17 Rage

When you get RAGE you want to RAGE quit - Kiflo69

rage sucks - peppapigdasavage

18 Bowler
19 Dark Prince Dark Prince
20 Mega Knight

Why is this card so low? It is easily the best in the whole game

Awesome card should be higher

OP as


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