Top Ten Legendary and Epic Cards in Clash Royale


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21 Prince
22 Inferno Dragon

All battles in which I used the inferno dragon resulted in me winning. All though, the number of battles I played with it is zero. - Kiflo69

When I use a hog rider deck I got into a losing streak
but it soon ended when I used this again - MChkflaguard_Yt

23 Giant Skeleton

Has lots of health and blows up everything when he dies. Like an improved giant.

24 Witch
25 P.E.K.K.A.

Best damage

The P.E.K.K.A is hands down the best card in the game. I started using this card when I first got it in arena 4, and it’s still my main card now in hog mountain. Top 3 HP and the most damage per hit in the whole game sounds good doesn’t it. Good both on attack and defense. Pair it with a wizard and have a zap handy and you will dominate no matter what level you are. I could go on for hours.

26 Bandits
27 Cannon Cart

Rocks like hell, especially in 2v2's! works in my arena 10 account well!

28 Goblin Barrel
29 Baby Dragon
30 Tornado
31 Inferno Tower

It's the best tank countering card. Love it.

Stupid that's a rare this is only epix and legendariez

32 X Bow
33 Freeze

Great with hog at level 3=

34 Poison
35 Guards

I like Gurfs and skeleton groups.

36 Clone

Clone. Really. Clone. I think I clicked the worst cards list by an accident... - Kiflo69

I actually used this card, giant skeleton clone works pretty well(if you can get the giant skeleton to the tower of course). - StrikeOfLight

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