Best Legendary Fire-Type Pokemon


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1 Reshiram Reshiram

Reshiram is known as the master of fire of course its number one.

The truth hurts, and so does getting attacked by reshiram!

Best legendary fire pokemon other than primal groudon

Ice Burn

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2 Ho-oh Ho-oh

When I first saw Ho-oh in the Pokemon book I looked at it all day. It was so AWESOME

Keeping a lone wolf upper than this sacred phoenix.

He is a master

3 Entei Entei

It is a dog that shoots fire (Arcanine wore it better but...) I repeat It is a dog that shoots fire

Most powerful

4 White Kyurem White Kyurem
5 Fire-Type Arceus

Although He Is Technically A Mythical Pokèmon I Will Make An Exception For This Badass

6 Moltres Moltres
7 Groundon

Groudon is a Ground type only. No fire. Unless he is in his Primal state. - letdot52

8 Heatran Heatran
9 Victini Victini

Cute and strong. what more can you ask for?

10 Mega Charizard X

Not even a legendary

You suck people this guys awesome

Really strpmg

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11 Mega Charizard Y
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