Best Legendary Heroes In Castle Clash

This shows the top ten legendary heroes in the game Castle Clash.
The Top Ten
1 Pumpkin Duke

He is a really over powered character in the game. He increases lots of abilities on other heroes. If you have the combination of Minitour chief, Pumpkin duke, and Cupid, the game would be a really strong attack due to how strong your base heroes would be. (Not troops) I have him, although he is only level 80, he still does lots of damage. He is close ranged though. He is most likely to die but due to his attack damage + attack speed, he is more likely to win. I recommend using the Chief, Duke, and Cupid. Hope you agree with my opinion.

Let's celebrate! With this guy on your side, you will be unstoppable! He increases your allies' damage, movement and attack speed! It would have been nice if he was a ranged attacker, so he will be safe from incoming attacks and keep buffing up your units, but sadly, he is a melee close -ranged attacker.

My duke is 140, with 5/10 celebrate. Just this hero makes my troops to twice as much overall damage in boss battles! Combing druid and dukes skill, makes my heroes do 50% more damage! This hero is essential in so many game area, boss battle, arena, fortress feud, raid, team dungeons, lost realm, lost battlefield, and more! If you don't have this hero, you will not do well in the game, simply said.

Pumpkin Duke is an absolutely insane hero that not only tanks up the rest of your heroes but is the best for all team dungeon battles. Combine this powerful hero with a minotaur chieftain and you can destroy entire bases in seconds! At a high level with a 4/10 plus celebrate and a decent talent, you are looking at an unstoppable hero, the best in the game!

2 Druid

Ever wonder why u see guys with 150,000 might with Druid? They have access to cupid, vlad, skullKnight, and Santa Boom, and they sill use Druid? They use him because he is a beast, not only is he a tank, healer, and strong attacker, he is also a ranged attacker so he has the advantage when fighting against heroes such as pumpkin duke and skull knight. This hero is one of the strongest overall!

Both my eyebrows are raised at this. This Is stupid. Druid is no 2? He is weak as hell and maybe he does heal but who cares some1 like vlad takes hits like crazy and then heals and heals and takes out all troops in milliseconds vlad and pd for the win no argument.

Druid is the one character you can not live without, heals and buffs. most versatile in raids, boss challenges as well as arena. An absolute must have, it is a shame it is given to you now after logging in for 30 days

He's just the best hero ever. He can heal 10 nearby allies in max ability level and increase their attack with 32% for 5 seconds! His range and high attack/ hp makes him unstoppable!

3 Spirit Mage

The reason why he is in the top ten best heroes is because mostly of his proc or his attack the other thing that is good is because if you inscribe him he will be awesome in battle due to the bonus of his health and damage from inscribing.Like I said he is awesome in battle! : D

Vote spirit mage he's so amazing when evolved not only looks good but does food damage! This comment is 100% true sm is my over all best hero. he's quite hard to kill as well so beware!

Hey it's better than tg in raiding as he deals damage to troops and heroes only and remove thwm from battlefield. After that just leVe some destructive hero who will take towers.

He's me personal favorite hero. he does insane damage and if you put him with war god and life drain crest he becomes a self healing damage dealer that can do insane damage to random targets around the map. although hard to get he is worth it in the long run

4 Cupid

I bought $20 and rolled to get something, got blues/greens. Then I reamberd there was a activity when you spend 2k gems you can open a chest. The first time I opened it I got gems. Then the second time I opened the chest I got Cupid! Going to put him on my main team!

I agree he is good I have a pd and I want a cupid so badly but I have no luck.the thing is if you have a pd you just need that cupid. For me it takes forever to get him because my parents don't want me to buy gems ):
So actually it is a kinda game over for me, but if I have luck than I thank lord bread and all of you clashers out there. (

Combined with Pumpkin Duke in the arena battles, this hero makes your team much stronger. It is also a flying unit and has ranged attacks.

Definitely should be in top 5. Getting to the higher levels without him and succeeding is tough. He is on the level with PD in terms of buffing heroes

5 Vlad Dracula

First of all, he's flying. Almost all flying legendary heroes are pretty OP. Cupid, Pixie, Reaper, Moltanica, Spirit Mage are all pretty good. Also, with Dracula's "blood banquet" he wrecks everything. He annihilates any nearby troops and saps their health AND wrecks any nearby heroes. He's reaper and immo combined. Reaper is 7000 shards and Immo is 7500 shards. That means dracula is worth AT LEAST 14500 shards (that's 100 Gelatinous Champs)(300,000 skill exp)(that's enough exp to level a legend up to 7 stars, halfway to 8)

When vlad inflicts fear, it gives my heroes a chance to do more damage to the stunned enemy. This hero is very useful dungeons, and hbm. He does decent damage, but you should put a sprint talent on him to increase speed, because he is very slow without it. Simply said, he is one of the best heroes I have ever rolled, and probably will ever roll.

A 5/5 life drain dracula with revive crest and 9/9 skill can deal enormous amounts of damage and survive long that doesn't require druid to heal it or any other damage dealer. What it needs is a pumpkin duke to further strengthen its damage and increase its speed

He's the most destructive sole hero in the whole game because his skill "blood banquet" can hit air and ground units and even annihilate any hero except orksbane when fighting but he has to be on the same star level or the same level as the opponent. Saying in one sentence he should be #1.

6 Aries

Aries is a beast. He can kill heroes from a distance and stop their skills cold, when engaging. Together Aries and the Grizzly Reaper could destroy in a raid. With the Grizzlies special Soul Crush which drains the life of random enemies and he regens. So together Aries could destroy the heroes while the Reaper could destroy the troops.

He's the only descent hero I have he's level 140 with a 60 crest being war god...I have a 3/8 skill on him and he pretty much carries my whole team consisting of immortep, treantar, druid, grizzly reaper with a little thunder god mixed in there too...aires is not by any means the best but he is worth leveling up because it is haRd and very rare to get these heroes like pd, cupid, and vlad

Aries is one of those heroes that is all around a must have. He's a tank, with fairly high HP, he has a high damage, and can wipe out other heroes on the map with his proc. I love this hero.. He should definitely be above Immortal. In my opinion.

Man I have this guy and was SO LUCKY to get him, as soon as I put him on the field he was causing damage much further than my druid was and just eating away at those opposing heros. LOVE HIM! TOP 5!

7 Santa Boom

Large splash attack that deals devastating damage to everything in it. Comparable to spirit mage as he deals damage to targets he can't reach with his basic. Also his firework proc makes for a pleasant viewing experience as you enjoy the pretty lights as you demolish the entire enemy base

Santa Boom is the Op Heroes ever but I didn't have it anyway, it's so cool it kill all my heroes all level 100 and the santa boom was level 87 an has 5/5 revitalize on that santa boom just using his special ability once.

He is great. He can devastate 2 separate waves at the same time playing HBM. He can destroy entire bases alone if the rockets hit the correct places (towers and enemy heroes). One of the 5 best heroes in my opinion.

Very useful in all aspects of the game. His proc deals a lot of damage to targets he can't reach with his basic attack, destroying buildings, walls, and heroes before he even reaches them. Great for dungeons, raiding, HBM, and Arena.

8 Skull Knight

This guy is just too awesome. Have him at level 120 and he can take down almost any hero with levels upto 140. And by this, I mean he ALONE can take down 6 140 level heroes. He has 8/8 revive so even if you kill him, he will come back with full health. Works very well when you team him up with Santa Boom. He blasts his cannons and weakens heroes before Skull Knight goes in for the kill. Destroys any walls and buildings with ease, he's a must have in every team. Let him loose on the Arena and lost relm and you have won already. Wins boss fight and will get you blue or purple in Storm Mesa ahead of others, even PD. He's just simply OP, and I have him teamed up with Death Knight. Clear other players bases in a flash.

Skull Knight is just ridiculously OP. At level 124 with skill 6/10 and inscription at 80 he does over 30k damage every hit and he hast the fastest attack speed of any champion with only a 600 ms delay. His buff lasts for 10 seconds with only a 12 second delay. So there is only 2 seconds of every 12 seconds that he does not have the buff and it not only gives him a huge attack buff it also lowers the maximum amount of damage he can take while the buff is on him and it has 8/8 revive built in. With Life Steal on him he is insanely hard to kill and when you do he just comes back with 100% health because of the 8/8 revive.

The best tank in the game: while proc'd, Skull Knight delivers insane DPS and carries the most resilient body the game has ever seen. With each hit reaching into the tens of thousands of damage points, he can wipe out entire teams and gut entire bases in a flash. He has the highest movement and attack speed of all heroes. Oh, and he has 8/8 revive, so when he dies, he comes back at FULL HEALTH for another swing at things.
Overall he's an extremely fun and powerful hero. Definitely top 10. Though not a near necessity for high level HBM like Vlad, he will almost certainly garner a spot on every team.

Have him at level 100 now, even when he was 15+ levels behind my other characters he would stay alive longest and deal the most damage when procing. I've seen him take out heroes 20+ levels above him in two hits. Plus with 8/8 revive it's like having your strongest character twice in each fight, and you can add another talent on top of that. Not much of a team player I suppose, but with others like PD, Cupid, and Druid on your team you don't really need more team players. Looking forward to grizzly reaper to see how he compliments my team.

9 Thunder God

He's one of the rubbish heroes. Good early game, but when it comes to overpowered bases he dies really quickly. Even with a Druid.
My top ten list would be:
3.Pumpkin Duke
6.Dove keeper
8.Heart breaker

Thanks for reading!

Aside from the player castle, he stuns and hits heros from across the map. I've sent him in alone to wipe out the entire enemy team before using my other heros to clean up.

Sure, he has high damage and his stun is pretty nice BUT,
His health is NOT high... And he is ground and has 0 range
.. Which means he's always at the front of the line - dying first

High power, high health, and devastating ability! Team it up with a healing unit and he can annihilate everything!

10 Succubus

Her ability damages and decreases the enemy's attack. Better yet, she is very powerful and has ranged attacks. Awesome in the Arena!

The succubus definitely deserves to be in the top 10, her skill is amazing, especially in the arena.

Her deaths lash is so helpful in team dungeons and raids she easily takes down building

Just got this hero this morning whn I rolled her and upgraded her to level 60 and she is a boss. a lot of health. if you put her in with a druid there is no stopping you now

The Contenders
11 Moltanica

Slap a 5/5 Tenacity on this beast at Level 100 and your looking at a FLYING tank with 40,000 yes FORTY THOUSAND hitpoints and an attack comparable to that of Pumpkin Duke. And did I mention that his Skill is the opposite of Pumpkin Duke's, and deals massive area damage? Can't hate on this hero just because it hard to get. Should be right under Druid who we all know is a nnecessity.

Obviously, the people made him hard to get for a reason. His skill makes an enemy PD look unimportant, which is quite an achievement. Not only that but he can do a ton of damage to people in the area. He's perfect for Lost Realm, Mesa battles, and Boss Battles.

Negates PD's proc, deals almost equal to Ninja's DPS, the most HP in the game and is the fastest flying unit.

After Druid, this is easily the best hero in the game one on one, two on two or three on three with everyone at equal levels in skill and talent. Put it this way, if you have him you win and if the other guy has him, you lose.

This is a very good hero I love it when I get in storm mesas with it we are one in 20 seconds. Words can not describe how good this hero is and he should be way in front of the druid and pumpkin duke even though pmpkin duke is good he is still second

12 Immortep

This is ridiculous immortep number 6 is it insane on how he is better than Santa! It should be Santa that takes numer 6 instead of immortep! (in my opinion) Santa does more damage and shoots 2 missile to random places which does an insane amount of damage unlike immortep and Santa has Self destruct as a bonus talent and a long ranged heroBy NamelessPeasant

Immortep is the best with his sandstorm attack he wipes out everything including buildings he is just as good as vlad Dracula. Not only that but he also floats in the air which means he can't get hurt with ground attacks. which equals to the BEST HERO EVER

This guy is the most dangerous hero for all non-paying unit using players, not only will he destroy your entire army, but he'll do in deciseconds; it'll literally take longer for you to understand what just happened.

Beat hero in castle clash as it's all over health and attack is good... And the best part of it is it's ability... Which surrounds him and kills all other troops

13 Minotaur Chieftain

I think This heroes is 2nd best heroes in castle, because his ability is very Dangerous... All building will be destroyed, if Minotaur active his skill

This is very powerful in high level and maxed skill is very insane I love this hero I got 1 level 180 and lvl6 skill and its powerful more powerful if skill and level is in max.

The mino is the best he have a special attack called body slam it hit multiple enemy sadly only enemy on the ground and I great for boss fights or raiding this hero is really hard to get you need to buy 150000 gems to earn this amazing hero!

This guy will make farming elite dungeons a piece of cake. Not mentioning that raids will be snappy

14 Grizzly Reaper

His skill is what makes him dangerous. Remove the enemy troops (in camp) or find a base without any troops (in camp) and you can easily use this hero to its fullest potential. Slow movement speed but has high attack speed to fill up the skill quickly. The skill makes it easy to kill enemy heroes before actually fighting them. Even the strongest of heroes can easily fall because of him. Of course, the only disadvantage is that the skill has to take effect torwards the enemy heroes. He plays a sniper-like role.

Once you get this guy and he has a Life Drain 2/5, you finally understand what a Legendary is supposed to do. Legendaries were simply made to be better than everyone else. Besides, he can kill all of the opponents heroes by attacking buildings. Ya hear, he can kill the people before even fighting them; and take all of their health!

I can't believe this, only 10? Storm, you are overestimating how much speed matters, and there is always enemy units on the battlefield or you win, so there really is no down side to the reaper, and should be ranked higher, at least higher than the low health ninja!

I think it should be ranked higher because of the healing. Healing is very crutial to the game. It may not be as much as the Druid but heals its health fast. Not to mention that he has quite night attack speed so he can do his 'super' move more! I suggest that he is put in a higher rank.

15 Orksbane

The fact that people puts this hero here is that they have not seen this tanker in action. His HP is just insane, paladin gets 80hp less pr. Level. His attack is 2 points pr level. less then Moltanica.
He's special attack has no cooldown and the sickest, he's special attack ranges the length of half of most bases.
The only thing he needs, is druid as back up and they will together rule everything.

Very powerful add a revive crest on him and you can deal lots of damage and he also heals himself and his allies not to mention his high HP. Dangerous hero with a decent team also immune to stuns that helps allot when you fight Bosses or opposing heros.

This guy with life drain wrecks ass. I mean Vlad or Santa are good but let's get this straight first of Al Santa,s base stats are way lower than irks and even if his skill is devastating it doesn't heal.

This hero is absolutely a beast. With devastating health, healing and his skill can wipe out all your troops, building and your house. SO GOOD!

16 Atlanticore

Atlanticore is basically like a Paladin. If you roll an Atlanticore use it over a Paladin but otherwise they are basically the same

Not only a great tank but gives all heroes back "a taste of their own medicine". Since he deflects all damage when proced, can do massive damage to openents like Santa, Ninja...

You guys need to use atlanticore if you don't have a tank against the boss best hero to use

His ability to deflect damage makes him useful against opposing heros

17 Pixie

Pixie dealing damage to 3 random heros and healing ally heros is not the main reason what she was made for. It is her ability to remove buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies that makes her the PIXIE we all would love to have on our team. Her skill makes the skills of the so called OP heros such as skull knight, moltanica, pumpkin duke quite useless. Her unique ability makes her an ideal choice against the DEFLECT DAMAGE and REDUCE DAMAGE demons in the lost realm

I got herwhen I first started so she has a special place in my heart. Her ability to remove buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies makes her a must have, especially at higher levels. She has the longest attack range from all heroes, and she flies so she will almost always be the last one standing. I have her at level 120 now with 3/10 skill and she is amazing. And above all, she is the most prettiest lady in the game.

Pixie is not the best hero, but is my favourite one!, 5block rate! Damage and restorer at the same time. Forget druid, reaper, siren, aries, forget all heroes, Pixie is a very complete hero. Sometimes when I wanna steal gold I use this pretty girl

Pixie level 156 ab 6/9 life drain

Pixie is like a counter pd
She can stop his buff and damage as well as healing yoir allies
Also she has the longest range in the game making her (normally) last one standing, helpful to healing. she can, as she can fly, avoid walls making her useful I. raids

18 Ghoulem

The Ghoulem is a castle clash hero that is basically a druid, paladin, and vlad, all combined. It has the healing of a druid, the damage reduction of a paladin (+great health too), and a destructive aura, like a vlad dracula. You could add a berserk on him so that he procs exactly when you finish the cooldown, allowing him to become more and more powerful. It's only problem is it's cooldown. The ability (unfortunately) lasts only 5 seconds, while the cool down is 7. This means 2 seconds of weakness every 7+ seconds. Also, this overpowered hero is immune to stun. This is the perfect hero for storm mesa because of this. Lets say you are in storm mesa 2-4, and here will obviously be at least one pd, so it will proc every 7 seconds. So these bosses at storm mesa 2-4 will stun AND damage all the heroes around it. The ghoulem can take 20 heroes, the exact amount of heroes that 4 people can have in storm mesa. So, it heals them almost immediately after the stunning, since it kept attacking ...more

Think he is an amazing hero because not only does he have as much health as Dread Drake and lots of damage but his special effect is so op because it deals tons of damage to 12 targets but he heals all your allies by double the amount of damage dealt and can't be stunned or shocked! One of the best heroes in the game.

This guy is incredible! If you gem roll him you should be overjoyed. He should at least be in the top 5! I think the reason why he is ranked so low is because not a lot of people have him as he is one of the rarest heroes whereas clad is not as rare

Best healer. With him on your team it makes it very difficult for your heroes to get killed in any game mode. Heals double the damage done, reduces damage taken for all your allies, and on top of that, he's immune to stun.

19 Champion

This guy is useful in many places in the game. His ability is devastating in the Arena, and his high damage and fast speed makes this guy a powerful attacker. Too bad that he can't take as much damage in return.

This guy is beast in the arena. One time, I went up against Vlad, Dread drake, and cupid all at once. I thought I was screwed! But my heroes splash damage one shot all of them! And to think, he only costs 1200 shards!

He is slow but his 'super' move makes up for it, giving three enemy's stun for a few seconds which make it great in the aren.

Champion has a storm hammer which is really powerful and inflickts coma also to nearby enemies

20 Death Knight

Why isn't Death Knight not in top 5?! At level 80, it has 20k+ health and 2k+ power! Apparently he is rare but I got lucky enough to get him. Death Knight and Druid goes quite well together and is able to defeat many heroes that has a higher level without the use of spells! If you have Death Knight, you will know how powerful Death knight.

I've got it on my android devise and its just so powerful. It practicly never dies in every battle I do. It's the best hero that I've so I'm willing to get the pumpkin so much.
I got him last month after downloding castle clash again ( my base was saved with Google+ so I didn't loose anything) and roled a 450 gens card and got at the begining I didn't even know it existed so I researched and found out that I got amazingly lucky!

With this warrior you can dominate the arena, challenges, and your opponents. His special is my favorite because it does so much damage and also looks cool. Try and get this hero and it will defiantly benefit you a lot.

When I got him on my third roll, I didn't know what I had done later on, I learned that he was the most OP thing in the game. I use him in every battle possible and almost always win best thing in game!

21 Grimfiend

I am really lucky. I had 600 gems and rolled grimfiend and Vlad. At first I didn't know what to think of grimfiend, but he is beast. He has three skills, he transforms into a demon, where he does more damage, as he transforms, he regains at level three ability, up to 20,000 hp. He attacks very fast, and is relatively tanky. And for his final ability, while in demon form, every three seconds he does 120plus % damage to enemies and buildings in front. He wipes out whole dungeons by himself, he can take down drakes 20 lvls higher then himself, as with vlads.

Because he is so powerful, whenever raiding I have to avoid any bases with him defending... I wish I could use him though, I see him all the time in storm Mesa dealing 35k damage every single hit

Just got him last night can't wait to level him up and see what his potentials are. I heard a lot of great things we will just have to see how he does.

Why is this hero at 25? He is just OP. So many times all my other heros dies and he finishes everything by him self. He should be number 1 not 25 lol

22 Beast Tamer

His bear provides so much protection since it has very high health, very fast, and reduces damage. Should be in top ten easy

My beast tamer is an op with 10/10 skill and 8/8 life drain and level 8 berserk crest with level 200...he alone can wipe out an entire base

Even when he dies, his beast carries on. Should totally be in the top 10

Amazing Hero. Not the best health, but the bear makes up for that

23 Phantom King

His attack speed is great, he can attack multiple things at once and can save you by flying quickly everywhere and damage other things. He is also great for arena battles since whenever he attacks he hurts the opponents hero and that will save you in many situations.

This is a great hero. His skill is to attack 3 random heroes in the battlefield continuously. Best in many game modes and his awesome if paired to PD and cupid

He does way more than 3 targets. He has a 5/5 revitalize crest which every second he does his skill. He also walks through walls.

This dude is awesome. His ability to attack 3 random targets on battlefield makes him a must have

24 Snowzilla

His skill is devastating at high levels, because the damage increase effects each snowball and he throws one every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. He's awesome at arena I don't think he should be top 5 or anything but 18th come on! Give the guy some love!

This guy is awesome my friend has him and he is level 105 and he never dies and does a lot of damage this guy is top 10 material and plus who can argue against olaf its almost summer!

Very good stats, and in a one-on-one his skill is better than Immortep's. He wouldn't be gems-only if he wasn't very good.

Snowzilla is one of the most powerful heroes in the game I think he should be in the top 10

25 Destroyer

Insane hero. Even at lower level almost invincible due to 5/5 life drain built in.
When getting to 6/9 or higher he can solo most normal dungeons. Only draw-back is his slow ATK SPD but with help of PD and Berserk this can be overcome.

I have him and with a 5/5 berserker roll he is a monster! Coupled with a revitalize crest he almost never dies. I can't wait for him to level a bit more and be a 9 star hero

Hasn't been released but his proc is just so overpowered can multi kill but not as good as tg it has level 5 healing it can also reflect 50 percent damage and can stun for 2.9 seconds also it can raise attack speed by 50 percent


Destro is the best in all area (except arena). If u can manage to get high skill, mine sitting 8/10 nearly 9, level 178, inscription 100, and almost have a full level 5 flameshield crest set. This guy make lost realm and hbm more easy, one hit heal 19k HP!, and deflect in total ~60% dmg if he under proc, okay at begining he is not strong, but if u focus to level up his skill and inscription, he can be the most useful hero ever...

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