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21 Champion

This guy is useful in many places in the game. His ability is devastating in the Arena, and his high damage and fast speed makes this guy a powerful attacker. Too bad that he can't take as much damage in return. - Storm

This guy is beast in the arena. One time, I went up against Vlad, Dread drake, and cupid all at once. I thought I was screwed! But my heroes splash damage one shot all of them! And to think, he only costs 1200 shards!

Champion is a muff diver

He is good

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22 Ghoulem

The Ghoulem is a castle clash hero that is basically a druid, paladin, and vlad, all combined. It has the healing of a druid, the damage reduction of a paladin (+great health too), and a destructive aura, like a vlad dracula. You could add a berserk on him so that he procs exactly when you finish the cooldown, allowing him to become more and more powerful. It's only problem is it's cooldown. The ability (unfortunately) lasts only 5 seconds, while the cool down is 7. This means 2 seconds of weakness every 7+ seconds. Also, this overpowered hero is immune to stun. This is the perfect hero for storm mesa because of this. Lets say you are in storm mesa 2-4, and here will obviously be at least one pd, so it will proc every 7 seconds. So these bosses at storm mesa 2-4 will stun AND damage all the heroes around it. The ghoulem can take 20 heroes, the exact amount of heroes that 4 people can have in storm mesa. So, it heals them almost immediately after the stunning, since it kept attacking ...more

This guy is incredible! If you gem roll him you should be overjoyed. He should at least be in the top 5! I think the reason why he is ranked so low is because not a lot of people have him as he is one of the rarest heroes whereas clad is not as rare

Think he is an amazing hero because not only does he have as much health as Dread Drake and lots of damage but his special effect is so op because it deals tons of damage to 12 targets but he heals all your allies by double the amount of damage dealt and can't be stunned or shocked! One of the best heroes in the game.

Dude is beast. Can roll him out on his own and take most of the base as he just heals over and over!

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23 Grimfiend

Why is this hero at 25? He is just OP. So many times all my other heros dies and he finishes everything by him self. He should be number 1 not 25 lol

It is so good, I used him in a lucky 150 gem roll. Whenever I raid I just use him and he can almost max revive and destroy 3 to 5 buildings at once!

Just got him last night can't wait to level him up and see what his potentials are. I heard a lot of great things we will just have to see how he does.

He can beat Vlad like a boss plus the healing and love eight ability comes in handy

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24 Beast Tamer

His bear provides so much protection since it has very high health, very fast, and reduces damage. Should be in top ten easy

My beast tamer is an op with 10/10 skill and 8/8 life drain and level 8 berserk crest with level 200...he alone can wipe out an entire base

Dumb cheating hero and the bear that comes with it is a fat ass

He is so good! His bear is so op. Even though I just got him and he isn’t even evolved once at this point, he’s still amazing already.

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25 Phantom King

His attack speed is great, he can attack multiple things at once and can save you by flying quickly everywhere and damage other things. He is also great for arena battles since whenever he attacks he hurts the opponents hero and that will save you in many situations.

This dude is awesome. His ability to attack 3 random targets on battlefield makes him a must have

He does way more than 3 targets. He has a 5/5 revitalize crest which every second he does his skill. He also walks through walls.

He is a BOSS

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26 Destroyer

I have him and with a 5/5 berserker roll he is a monster! Coupled with a revitalize crest he almost never dies. I can't wait for him to level a bit more and be a 9 star hero

Hasn't been released but his proc is just so overpowered can multi kill but not as good as tg it has level 5 healing it can also reflect 50 percent damage and can stun for 2.9 seconds also it can raise attack speed by 50 percent

I have this guy is so awesome

I want one

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27 Warlock

Very underrated hero. He knocks heroes at a distance, buffs your heroes and stays out of trouble. Excellent support hero. If you roll him, level him up and get him in the game... You will not be disappointed.

Deals insanely high damage from long range. Pairing him with cupid, I can easily beat all 10 levels of expedition, almost always at 100% each. All that without even taking any damage. I wouldn't say in the top 5, but an extremely underrated hero.

Better than this ranking by a far margin. He's new but people will come to fear him. A one man sniper unit on your town.

He can pretty much kill the whole enemy hero contingent before he gets touched

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28 Demogorgon

Demogorgon should be near top because his process is so overpowered and he can take out bases fast

Demogorgon has a lot of health and good damage

He can't even get stun he needs first place he is so OP

Just plain OP! His skill blinds enemies making them MISS EVERY SHOT for x seconds!

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29 Dracax

Very good hero overall, with his Whirling Axe he is a very heavy damager and with his ability to fly his mobility is very helpful. I use him to attack from behind and slaughter.

Dracax is a flying crazy beast! Ability can destroy anything you need too! Personally, think if is with Cupid or pumpkin duke, it's #2! Overall, great. Should be top 10

I have level 80 with Cupid he can wreck expert dungeons so fast

Don't agree it sucks doesn't do damage when proc only does damage when attack without proc - NamelessPeasant

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30 Siren

Why is this hero so expensive?

I got her by rolling 150 gem one morning! Unexpected but really cool character!

Only voting this chick because I want one!

I have one. Shes cool

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31 Valentina

Yeah it's good because she is the latest hero after phantom king and she has all the equipment a hero must need

She's excellent. She improves your energy and cancels Aries' skill, and if paired with a 5/5 Revitalize, she negates Aries' skill.

Very good hero and is the new hero of 2016 she deserves be in top 15

Val should be in top 10 def because it negates aries and buffs you heroes causing them to proc around twice - NamelessPeasant

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32 Master Slime

Awesome at upgrading your heroes so glad they put it in the game

I would rather spend all my shards on these dudes than on Sirens and immorteps. These guys give unreal experience because these heroes aren't really "real" heroes. But these guys are a hero's hero.

Love master slime by them daily

Best hero in game and is my favorite. He is too OP in every game mode he can KILL any enemy instantly. Also when you have 2 of these epic slimy heros they can reproduce and make the ultimate army. Solo 1 lava I dungeon with this beast as they rape every hero that dares attacking him. Who needs heros when you have this big bastard, never lost a single battle with green grandpa slime. CAN'T WAIT TILL GRANDPA PURPLE SLIME COMES OUT... till then purple slime is addopted same with blue slime!

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33 Candy Kane

My team is Skull Knight, Aries, Vlad, Druid, Dread Drake, and of course Candy Kane. I personally felt extremely disappointed when I used Candy Kane because I thought that she would be very good. I honestly think that Death Knight or Thunder God might be a batter choice. Doesn't have more health then most heros and her ability is horrible

Great hero. Makes other hero's spam skills which is always helpful. Combine with stun team for full OP effect. Pair with dread drake for hilarious map wide cannonball spam.

I personally love her. She is a great all round here and I don't understand why people don't like here


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34 Arctica

You can't mess with this guy. His power and skill is almost invisible.

He is so op and epic

Impossible to get exactly like molt

It's a little more powerful than moltanica

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35 Medusa Medusa Medusa is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Oh my gosh how is she so low in my opinion she is the 2nd best hero his ability is amazing

Her aoe damage is incredible and turns them to stone for a short time good to use nice set up is Medusa pumpkin duke candy can valintino aries

36 Lady Leo

Really good I have her double evolution with a 9/9 skill she can destroy a vlad level 180

I got lady Leo on my first roll on my first day and she really great in raids hbm dungeons, with her skill she can kill even enemy hero from afar and with my druid they make the best team well as best as they can be as I have only those legendary saving up shards for paladian to tank even more with them already completed dungeon 1 and 2 halfway through 3 and cleared up to level 9 of expert dungeon 1 and it's my 4th day playing it both of my legendary are in level 70

Good and rare hard to get by rolling gems it's a new hero. Lol.

She's my favorite of all the heros

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37 Trentour

Dude why is he so low in my opinion he is the best hero and yes that does mean I think he is better than pumpkin duke

This hero should be WAY HIGHER than ordinary heroes

He is good for raids he gives life for dead heros

It is the best hero for rides.

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38 Dryad

Who even added this, this list is top 10 LEGENDARY heroes.

Ok kinda hero

sick ass

Total OP

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39 Harpy Queen

Harpy Queen is definitely one of the best in the game, her damage is very high and her skill is very effective for killing troops which is far away from her. She flies pretty fast in arena too!

New hero, recovers 100 energy with 1 hit which is pretty cool. Have her at level 80 and she's hard to kill. She flies so difficult to kill as she usually won't come close enough.

She is great I got her by rolling 150 gems great for attacking buildings.

What do you mean its worse than ordinary heroes in my opinion she is the 3rd best hero

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40 Gelatinous Champion

Its really helpful on skills

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