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41 Marksman

Deals 130% DMG to 3 random targets nearby

Uhm, I thought this top heros list was for legendary heroes

She sucks


42 Treantaur

This hero is boss teamed with vlad, pd, druid, pixie and the blue beast (on the game start up screen) most of my heros have revive as their secondary ability so I get most of these heros alive 3 times per battle! And when they do manage to kill treantaur I have 7/8 self destruct! Best hero in the game bar none!

This hero is a top 5 hero. With revival ability and strengthening defense he is a must have!

It's the ultimate best hero cause it can revive dead heroes

Simply the best
with druid warlock and cupid its unstopable

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43 Ice Demon

This hero isn't that good for anything, except for slowing heroes. Not my recommended hero. I have all heroes, so I should know

He does great damage and if you get the correct attacks he can be a beast

He's not great but he is really good for beginners

Low HP, not very effective

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44 Frost Witch

She is no where near as good as any ELITE, much less a Legendary. This one should be last. She can be one shot killed by a Level 128 Skull knight with a 4/9 ability at level 200

This gal is OP. Level her up and she's better than many legendaries. I cannot believe she's not on this list. By far and it's not even close, she's better than any ordinary or elite.


She sucks

45 Cyclops Cyclops Cyclops is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is a founding member of the X-Men.

Love you Scott!

Marvel is bae

But of course

No comment... what does he even do?

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46 Triton

If you have to choose between paladin and Triton pic triton het takes care of all the troops with one special attack

Coo, amazing kills troops fast should be legendary almost

In my opinion the best elite not that is saying much

Can kill all enemy troops

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47 Ninja

Fastest moving hero in the game. He is also very strong, and can pick off lone enemy heroes easily with his slash ability. - Storm

Seriously! Last rank! I am pretty sure ninja is better than a DRYAD and FAKE HEROES. Ninjas can be devastating when it attacks, it's power-up is amazing, very underrated hero

Not very good unless with another hero (a strong one) because he dies very fast even before he dose his special move

Gay ass samurai chink hero and has makeup on like a dyke

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48 Paladin

A very nice unit that can soak up incoming damage. HE has the most health of all heroes, but slower movement speed and attack. - Storm

I know he isn't the best but for his price he can be essential. And he was my first legend

Don't know why people even like paladin: his health actually sucks, well better than other heroes but still,

In relation to what storm said... Paladin by far does NOT have the most hitpoints in the game, even with his proc he will not have more HP than e.g. Dread Drake, Ghoulem, Skull knight, Death knight, grimfiend, and so forth.

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49 Snowzilla

His skill is devastating at high levels, because the damage increase effects each snowball and he throws one every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. He's awesome at arena I don't think he should be top 5 or anything but 18th come on! Give the guy some love!

This guy is awesome my friend has him and he is level 105 and he never dies and does a lot of damage this guy is top 10 material and plus who can argue against olaf its almost summer!

Very good hero should be top 5 looks cool and his power is great

Panda is for some reason higher than that hero lol

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50 Slime

Love getting these guys at heros alter really help upgrade heros

Helps level your heroes skill up. You need these guys to have fun in the game. - respawnthedoc

Slime is the best

This is the best hero ever! His slimy punch deals 9999999999999999 damage and it could clear the base whole all by himself. He's really worth it, he only costs 5 shards. He's a must vote!

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51 Angel

He is great and can really help your team in bad situations, I combine him with the druid and together with some tanks these can be amazing. This is a healer type hero and can deal a decent amount of damage but can save you several times.

Useless hero for people with might 2000 and lower. You can get the Druid which if you level up skill can heal 11 allies HEALING EACH by 290 percent attack

I used to had her in my team but after they I got druid and put him in my team just when I found out that she was useless I found out that she was pergenant by druid so I couldn't throw her away

Might get lv 80... I got lv 284 000 ninja

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52 Ghost Knight

Super op in the Chinese version of this game. Google it!

She is but in the Chinese version not the normal one.

Dude this guy isn't a castle clash hero

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53 Cow Killer

This is a fake and if u said u were breeding thunder god and pixie u r a liar it's not possible and that's a fake hero

Very rare hero. Nobody has it..

In my opinion it should be number one you can tank storm mesa with just this hero

Moo moo mo dead mooo mooo

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54 ALtamash

His skill the fire fart can kill all heroes behind him. The only downside is that he usually kills his own teammates with this..

What the heck is this hero! I don't think it exist.

Hardest hero to get and best as well... ALtamash is like legit impossible to get

most fake

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