Top Ten Best Legendary Skylanders


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1 Nitro Magna Charge

Find is soul gem and boom you could win all the levels with him. You might think that legendary night shift or quick draw rattle shake is not the best well I don't have either one of them. - domboy21

2 Granite Crusher

He has beten Nitro magna charge a few times in battle arena. - domboy21

3 Legendary Bouncer

I'm getting Bouncer but not the legend :(.
I've seen him on YouTube and he's pure awesome!
Rapid fire is super and I-beam, it's, it's supremely awesome. - Helloo0976666

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4 Molten Hot Dog

Big time him at level 2 beet a gnarly tree rex at level 6 - domboy21

5 Legendary Chill

With her narwhal upgrade she does 120 damage.P. S have you heard the narwhal song on youtube. - domboy21

6 Scarlet Ningini
7 Dark Wash Buckler
8 Dark Mega Ram Spyro

Spyro a small package dragon with burst of powers!

Dark Mega Ram Spyro

9 Dark Blast Charge (Combination)

He was my first combination. - domboy21

10 Enchanted Hoot Loop

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11 Legendary Free Ranger

This guy is awesome.

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