Top 10 Legends of Sandalwood

The Top Ten

1 Dr. Vishnuvardhan

One and only no match Our Dr Vishnuvardhan

The best actor with all skills.#1actor always. - Sandarsh66

He has been acted over more than 220 films in five different languages.he was the first south indian actor to act in five different languages.he faced all the problems with patience and became sahasa simha. He is known as the Phoenix of Indian cinema.He was the only kannada actor to learn martial arts at that time.His contribution to film industry is too great.but he was not honoured very well by govt.He is currently the most popular star even after he is not alive...His fan followers are increasing day by day since he was a kind, humble man. - Sandarsh66

2 Shankarnag

He is known as karate king.And also autoraja.he has a huge fan base even now.he died due to an accident when he was just 36.his legacy was outstanding.he was the first director to shoot in underwater.he acted in around 90movies.also he was the director of the great Malgudi days.He was too fast in his works.he use to write in both hands at the same time without a mistake. - Sandarsh66

3 Ananthnag

He is one of the best actor in Indian film industry. He has acted in more than 250 films.As an actor,comedian,supporting actor etc he has stealed the show many times.he is the elder brother of Shankarnag.Even now he is busy doing many movies...He is one of the good looking actor. - Sandarsh66

4 Uday Kumar

He was a good actor during 1960s.his contribution to film industry is unforgettable. He had acted in more than 100 movies.His acting stills were liked by many people. - Sandarsh66

5 Kalyan Kumar

He was one among the three best actors during 20th century.He is one of the versatile acrors.he took the film industry to next level by his good movies. His presence in the movie made many wonders. - Sandarsh66

6 Dr. Rajkumar

He is one among the best actor in Kannada film industry.he has acted over 205movies.He serves 50years in Kannada industry.he did many great movies which is still a benchmark.His acting skills are ultimate. - Sandarsh66

7 Dr. Ambarish

Along with Dr.vishnuvardhan sir,another star arose through Nagarahavu.He is a good entertainer. He was a good friend of vishnuji. He has done with 230+movies.He is also in politics.He is known as Rebel star. - Sandarsh66

8 Dr. Dwarakish

He is known as kannadada kulla.He was a good entertainer at that time.He is an actor,director,producer.He has produced over 50 movies.Has acres in more than 200movies.He was the first person to shot in abroad for the film Singapoorinalli raja kulla. - Sandarsh66

9 Dr. Srinath

He is one among the versatile actors of Kannada film industry.He is known as pranaya raja.He had much female fan followers.he has acted in 250+movies.still active in movies and serials. He is one of the handsome actors. - Sandarsh66

10 Tiger Prabhakar

He is known Tiger since he presence was similar to a tiger.he was a very good artist.He acted in different languages with different shades.He did many movies as negative roles and also stunts were a treat to audience.He did around 100+movies.Still now fans remember his screen presence. - Sandarsh66

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