Top Ten Legitimate Reasons to Dislike Donald Trump

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1 He thinks all criticism is "fake news".

Fox news and his Tweets are the only real thing. And just because he said so a great majority of his stupid voters believe that it must be true. Saying that the media that are giving him critics is " fake news " is just another powerful tool to brainwash and keeping on a leash his stupid voters. He is actually kicking his voters in the face. His only concern is how to maintain the fidelity and votes of those people he doesn't care about. Dictactor Trump thinks that you have only listen to him for hearing the " truth " because anybody or anything that is against him or that is telling the real truth is a big lie. He doesn't think but he wants to believe you that everything is fake news besides " his " news.

He just don't want criticism. It's getting annoying.

2 He accomplished almost nothing during his first 100 days.

I'd like to see you make a few major changes to a country in under a hundred days.

Give him a chance! America wasn't built in 100 days!

Yes but Presidents have historically used the 100 day mark to demonstrate their leadership ability. Since Trump has done nothing, we can assume that he will do nothing for the rest of his term.

" I have a secret plan to beat Isis in 30 days! " Day 191...

3 He only watches FOX which is a conservatively biased news network.
4 He is the least popular president in US history.

Don't know where you got your "63 percent dislike" stat, but we know from even recent history that at least 50 percent of the electorate is profoundly ignorant of history and civics and on current issues, and that of which they are aware they know only superficially and simplistically. Add the constant drumbeat of liberal media deceptions and what would you expect?

"Don't know where you got your "63 percent dislike" stat," Donald Trump to my knowledge was at a 37% or 36% on the popularity polls. That's already lower than Obama at his lowest point. If I'm wrong about that, my mistake. But you honestly don't need polls and statistics to see how unpopular Trump is. Just look at the twitter page @Trump_Regrets. Large amounts of people talking about how much they wish they didn't vote for Trump. "but we know from even recent history that at least 50 percent of the electorate is profoundly ignorant of history and civics and on current issues, and that of which they are aware they know only superficially and simplistically." This is true and the amount of uneducated people that vote often scares but we live in a free country and their opinions and voices still matter, and if all of them think Trump is bad, it would probably be a mistake to simply say all of them are stupid. "Add the constant drumbeat of liberal media ...more

And so? How does this make him bad? I don't like Trump either, but that's like saying that every popular president is good merely for being popular. It's a vapid point that isn't legitimate.

Wouldn't you agree that 63% of American disliking him is a bad sign? Update: 65%. His approval rating dropped to a 35%. Update: Yeah, now she's at 34.

If this is based off of legitimate facts, then yes.

If we’re talking about memes, on the other hand, he is the most popular

I don't know if he is either popular or not.

5 He has admitted he didn't realize being the president would be so hard.

That simply makes him honest.

Except everybody warned him about this and told him he shouldn't run. He also said over and over again at his rallies that he thought it would be easy. Update: I should also say that what you are saying is true. Its nice to see him actually telling the truth.

It's hard for everyone, sheez

6 He made wiretapping allegations against Barrack Obama without any evidence to support his claim.

Oops, 18 months down the line, and now there is a TON of evidence. Use of the old-tech word wiretapping was incorrect, but plenty of spying has been showed to have been going on.

So, I can call u gay does that make me a bad political figure?

7 He has little respect internationally.

America is seen as disrespectful country a Trump is only living up to that stereotype.

8 He is ignorant of civil war history.

Most people are. You're probably laboring under the mistaken belief that the war was about the abolition of slavery. It was not.

The civil war didn't really become about abolition until the north realized they could gain an upper hand if they opposed slavery.

9 He is rude to reporters.
10 He can't handle differing opinions.

90% of people I know can't

The president of the United States of America (also known as the free world and the most powerful and influential nation ever) should be able to approach differing opinions and debate them not call them all fake.

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11 He is obnoxious.

This is not a legit reason. I did not submit this.

12 He brags all the time.

I think you get to brag if you became the U.S president against all odds and you own a room resembling the amber room in price, come on people!

13 His administration froze regulations that would cut sodium and increase whole grains served in school meals.

He's literally endangering our children's health. I'm with Michelle Obama on this one. Look, it doesn't matter if you're a liberal or conservative. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican. But what DOES matter is the fact that our own president is literally keeping children and young adults (like me) from leading a healthy lifestyle by making their school lunches unhealthier. Of all the removal of government regulations he enacted, why of all things this? Makes me wonder what he feeds his own children unless he's hypocritical enough to feed them healthy food while the rest of our youth are prone to childhood obesity because of him.

14 He is going to make us pay for the wall.

Mexico never said anything about a wall. Make your own damn country pay for it. Or better yet, do it yourself. You're rich and the only person who actually cares about it.

If this useless wall actually gets built, taxpayers will be funding it, not mexico.

15 He doesn't believe in global warming

Global warming is REAL and it affects the Earth in a very negative way:
The Earth being too hot or too cold.
3 types of pollutions: Air, Land and Sea.
How global warming can also affect humans, plants and animals.
Something to do with the avalanche in Antarctica or something like that.
What was Donald Trump thinking? Did he learned about global warming back at School? Because I'm not sure on whether he did or not.

In other words, he doesn't believe in pollution.

16 He supports the Net Neutrality Repeal
17 He was not elected by the American people.
18 He makes fun of people

U make fun of his hair

One again, he is the most powerful person in the world right now! I think he can handle people making fun of his hair without acting like a spoiled child.

19 He's very arrogant.
20 Forgot American ancestors are immigrants

Everybody's ancestors are immigrants, everybody got here by boat, plane, or just walking.

21 He demonized those who oppose him

He claims it’s a mental disorder called ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ and thise dimwitted MAGAs take it seriously

22 He's polarizing
23 He thinks that drinking bleach will solve our problems.
24 He lies just about everything!
25 He's weird and controversial.
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