Top 10 "Legitimate" Reasons Why Cancer is Better Than an Obnoxious Kid that Raps

Ugh! I hate that wannabe gangsta kid! Gotta make a "legitimate" reason list why cancer is better than that baseball cap kid from YouTube. This list is a prank bro, calm your Krakatoa man

The Top Ten

Cancer knows everybody hates it while that kid doesn't even know it

Another joke list. - Userguy44

Well, looks like I've lost all faith in humanity thanks to this list. LOL. But who will kill all the Titans? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Even cancer itself knows everybody hates it while that kid still produces more ear-rapes - RedAce66

I have lost all faith in humanity thanks to this list. - Skullkid755

Cancer doesn't have rabid fangirls while that kid does

Have you ever seen an dead cancer patient posting idiotic comments defending Cool Cat Gets Cancer on YouTube? *Sips Pepsi* Yeah me neither - RedAce66

(I kill myself in response to losing faith in humanity from this list) - Therandom

This list is meant to "poke fun" at the absurd comparison list we see on this site - RedAce66

Cancer doesn't make stupid rap songs

This is a good example of a bad comparison list. - Userguy44

Cancer doesn't even have a mouth to make rap songs for crying out loud! - RedAce66

I've lost humanity thanks to this list... 😒 - DynastiNoble

That kid always wears that #YOLO snapback while cancer doesn't

Yo! Gangsta Raper here! Bringing you music and showing you all the snapbacks I have to survive WW3! - RedAce66

Cancer has it's own film and documentary about it while that kid doesn't

Obviously Cool Cat Gets Cancer IS the best movie ever because the special effects, humor, important message and memes makes it "funny" and "family-friendly" and what does that snapback kid have? A video of it's fangirl cutting her wrist for him - RedAce66

All kids are dumb

Obviously all kids under 12 are dumb (even those young Einstein kids) because my bias sense is seriously tingling and I have a feeling to conduct a school shooting - RedAce66

Kids these days are so dumb, I was born in the wrong generation! (Sigh) - Puga

Cancer knows how to end people's endless suffering in life while that kid continues to make people suffer

Obviously cancer knows how to pick the right people while that kid tortures everyone... GOD LEFT ME UNFINISHED! WHERE'S MY GOOD DOSE OF STALE MEMES - RedAce66

All rap is bad

Ever heard of Eminem? - DWisawesomethe3rd

Obviously rap is bad because I only listen to Nicki Minaj and some godly nerd from this website said so - RedAce66

When you make a sublte reference to website drama - Puga

Cancer doesn't spur out "gangsta" phrases, bad beats and rhythm

Kid you don't know how to make good beats, rhythm and drugs... Ask an advice from Dr.RedAce or have cancer to do it for you - RedAce66

Cancer is not a wannabe gangsta while that kid is

That kid is white and lives in a rich hood for the love of Snoop! - RedAce66

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