Top Ten Lego Chima vs Ninjago Characters

Lego Ninjago characters against Chima characters - matchups and combinations.

The Top Ten

1 Laval vs Lloyd

Def Lloyd he can shoot energy Laval get hurt he try sword but Lloyd teleport and Lloyd and with fire

Lloyd for a lot

Oh boy harvess laval fie wings vs golden ninja would be cool - VideoGamefan5

Laval - BorisRule

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2 Cragger vs Kai

Kai by mile

3 Crominus vs Sensei Wu


Tie - BorisRule

4 Lagravis vs Garmadon

Garmadon garmadon garmadon garmadon

GARMADON - BorisRule


5 Sir Fangar vs The Overlord


6 Rogon vs Cole



7 Eris vs Nya

Eris. Nya is the worst LEGO character EVER.

Nya, but they would become friends after the fight.

Nya she is so hot

8 Razar vs Jay

I vote for Razar being the winner...

Razar is best winner. So I vote for Razar

Ivote for Razar good fly fighter

It's a tie! - BorisRule

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9 Flinx vs Zane

Zane - BorisRule

10 Shadowind vs Ronin

Ronin. Lego Chima sucks.

Shadowind I hate ronin

The Contenders

11 Spinlyn vs Harumi

(cue creepy spider lullaby)

12 Aang vs Korra

Uh, that's not in Chima or Ninjago at ALL! - PhoenixAura81

13 Ash vs Polar Bear Guy


14 Lloyd Garmadon vs Chima

Lloyd of course

15 Dialga vs Palkia

Diagle is time Palkia is Space. Who do you vote?

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