Best Lego City Advent Calendars of the 2010s

It's not very often I talk about lego city (or LEGO as whole for that matter) on this site, and that is kinda strange since I love Lego City! The advent calendars to be specific! Well, the ones of the 2010s to be even more specific. Soon it's December, and all lego fans usually have a lego advent calendar for December, City, Star Wars or Friends, I personally think the city ones are the best, most people just buy the newest ones, however, I'd advise not to just buy the newest, they may not be as good as some of their predecessors, and that is the poinnt of this list, don't buy the neweast yet, look at this list first and then decide, without further ado, let's start!

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1 City Advent Calendar 7553 (2011) City Advent Calendar 7553 (2011)

I personally find the 2011 city advent calendar to not only be the best of the 2010s, but also the best lego advent calendar of all time! This calendar sure may have sticken to the cops'n'robbers theme almost only, but it was done so right! This was the only calendar that could have buildings or mini-models that took three doors to open! I mean look at the prison! It's not often you actually get something as big as that in an advent calendar for the gods sake! The police car also happens to take up more than two doors (although only three as opposed to the prisons four doors). The minifigures are pretty great too, especially the green fisherman, easly my favourite, now this was also the first calendar I ever got so it may be a bit biased, it's still excellent neverthless - darthvadern

Pretty - BreakFastBeast2005

2 City Advent Calendar 60099 (2015) City Advent Calendar 60099 (2015)

This one's a close second! I got this calendar in December 2015, a year in month in which I was so sick and had to drink these nourishment drinks because of my disease! I hated it, BUT this calendar is what made the month not that much of an abomination luckily, this calendar had so much things and there were barely anything negative about it! The only kinda negative things were the marshmellows & fire, which were a bit underwhelming and they're nothing that new, and the dogs are among my least favourite things in advent calendars because not only do they appear in every single calendar, they also come in one piece, nothing to build, just one piece which is the dog, luckily it doesn't matter too much since the stuff that is good, is excellent! The plane and the santa train are the finest examples! Just look at how awesomne they look! - darthvadern

3 City Advent Calendar 60155 (2017) City Advent Calendar 60155 (2017)

Hands down the most colorful lego city advent calendar, even the artwork for the calendar is excellently colorful! I mean sure it was some annoying flaws like the overuse of vehicles and mini-models, I mean I love vehicles, but this calendar had way too many and barely any room in between when you got them, and this kinda made me stop care for them because the amount of quantiny this one pumped out, I mean some of them were a joke as well! Even the christmas tree is so underwhelming! Oh well, the good stuff this calendar offers is excellent though! I really liked the minifigures, and the helicopter was one of the best vehicles in the calendar! The ice sculpture is a reason alone to get this calendar too! - darthvadern

4 City Advent Calendar 60133 (2016) City Advent Calendar 60133 (2016)

Out of the calendars that were released on a year that ends with an even number, this one is probably the best one. One negative though is that this calendar suffers from having a very warm theme, yes, an advent calendar centered around hotness, like volcano exploreres and fire, this kinda doesn't make too much sense, but at least it has some very cool builds and pieces. I especially love that firewoman with a guitar, which is a rare piece. The helicopter and children minifigures are excellent as well! - darthvadern

5 City Advent Calendar 60024 (2013) City Advent Calendar 60024 (2013)

If there was a contest of which lego city advent calendar had the most variety in builds and minifigures, this one would easly win that award! This calendar has so much variety and is one of the reasons this is one of the best ones! I mean just from looking at the picture you can see, a cop'n'robber, a firewoman and an astronaut! Isn't that alone a good reason to get this calendar? - darthvadern

6 City Advent Calendar 60201 (2018) City Advent Calendar 60201 (2018)

Yes, that's right, the 2018 is quite low on the list, now, since it isn't even December yet as I am making this list, I don't know how the whole calendar is, but judging from how it looks like, it does look a bit underwheling, I mean there's only three minifigures excluding Santa on the scene, I hope there is at least a secret minifigure as well in there, however it looks pretty good, and I own this one so it will be exciting to see what it has to offer - darthvadern

7 City Advent Calendar 2824 (2010) City Advent Calendar 2824 (2010)

Now, interesting note, this is the only one of the list I do not own, but I will try to look at it as objectively as possible. This the only calendar centered around family and family stuff, thus it has many things that exists in familes like snowmen, relatives and toys. I think the best part of the calendar though has to be the train, it's long and just great! - darthvadern

8 City Advent Calendar 60063 (2014) City Advent Calendar 60063 (2014)

Couldn't this have been released next year to get the full lists? Or do the ones of the century this year and do the decade one next year? - iliekpiez

Good point, but I felt like wanting to do this type of list now before December because not only, and I already made one of the century a year ago (it's the normal best city advent calendars list), I will maybe tomorrow do the Star Wars one though which currently has 8 advent calendars - darthvadern

Honestly so far this is the weakest of the 2010s, not only is this the only calendar so far in which only one thing in the entire calendar was excellent, the overall minifigure collection is dissapointing as well. I don't think any minifigure here was that mind-blowing and the builds were a bit dissapointing, I mean it's still good but this is my last recommendation if you're looking for a 2010s lego city advent calendar and if you have never had one - darthvadern

9 City Advent Calendar 4428 (2012) City Advent Calendar 4428 (2012)

Now it's when things start to go from very great to just a weak great, now this calendar is pretty good as well! However like the 2016 one this one is also centered around hotness, except forest fire this time, and not volcano explorers AND fire. Luckily this calendar has some cool features. I love the skiis and catapult, they are some great additions! However most of the rest things in the calendar just range from decent to mediocre, it's still a pretty good calendar - darthvadern

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