Top 10 Best Lego City Advent Calendars

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1 City Advent Calendar 7553

This IS the best city advent calendar, it was also the first one I got, and so it will always be my favorite calendar, it had the best minifigures, the best buildings and coolest parts, and I like the prison and the grey thief the most in this calendar, 2011 was such a good year for the city theme.


2 City Advent Calendar 60099
3 City Advent Calendar 60024
4 City Advent Calendar 60155

This is the second best lego advent calendar nad it looks so amazing, we get a policeman on skis, a jungle explorer, a coast guard woman, and gramma in this set, and much more good builds! 2017 has been an awesomne year for lego city!

5 City Advent Calendar 60133

At first, this looked like it was going to be a boring advent calendar, but guess what, I was so wrong, the minifigures were amazing, the buildings were amazing, and the guitar was definitely the best part in the whole calendar. One of the better 2016 sets.


6 City Advent Calendar 60201

Yes, this is so far one of the better city advent calendar in my opinion that were released on an even-numbered year. It might not be the most original I suppose and a lot of the buildings are underwhelming, it has lots of pros as well. I talked about how a lot of the buildings are underwhelming, but at the same time, a lot of the buildings are very fun. I made lists about the best days and worst days of this calendar so you can check them out if you want. I really liked it.

7 City Advent Calendar 2824
8 City Advent Calendar 62035

Overall this has got to be one of the most underwhelming city calendars of all time. It's kind of interesting though because it's probably the most divisive calendar for me: on one hand, there were some really AMAZING stuff found here, but on the other, there was some TERRIBLY poor stuff found. The minifigures were actually some of the best of all time, and could rival calendars like 2013 and 2015. They were super unique and fresh with their pieces. But the builds weren't that great..., some of them were good like the snowmobile, stove, telescope and rocking chair..., but then you've got some of the most underwhelming pieces for presents and a chistmas tree ever, and not to mention a boring log, an unfinished grandfather clock, a weird chimney, and Lego Friends-styled toilet roll flingers. I didn't really like this one very much...

9 City Advent Calendar 4428

Too much yellow in this calendar, while 2012 manages to do a great calendar this time too, it's sadly the weakest since 2011, everything was YELLOW here, ok, there were some things without yellow too, like the dog and the car, and I still think this calendar is amazing.


10 City Advent Calendar 60063
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11 City Advent Calendar 7687
12 City Advent Calendar 7724
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